Home copy tax for smartphones up to 7.30 euros


The home copy tax for the iPhone and other smartphones will increase considerably in the near future. Before 2018 it was € 3.50, after that it was € 4.70 and from January 1, 2021, the fee you have to pay will increase to € 7.30.

Home copy tax on smartphones to € 7.30

At the same time, the home copying levy for wearables (from € 1.20 to € 0.60) will decrease, and that also applies to tablets (from € 2.70 to € 2.20). User research would show that wearables and tablets are used less for home copies, while it is increasing for smartphones. The private copying tax is determined by the Stichting Negotiations Thuiskopievergoedingen (SONT) after consultation with rights holders, manufacturers and distributors. The new rates are fixed for the next three years.

Of increase in smartphones can also be explained by the increase of refurbished appliances, for which no private copying fee has been paid. According to the SONT, these devices mainly come from large business users and from abroad. In the new rates, further attention has been paid to the total tax burden.

HomePod mini met iPhone 12HomePod mini met iPhone 12

According to SONT, the rates are still quite low, if you compare it to the purchase price of the products. Still, are manufacturers dissatisfied with the increase, because saving music and movies offline is different from making a copy. The manufacturers therefore want the fee to be revised again from 2023.

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