Home Circuit, the best toy for Christmas already on pre-order?


It is already possible to order your Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit game, one of the flagship toys for the end of 2020! With this new opus, Nintendo brings Mario Kart to life with an augmented reality toy that consists of a kart, and gates to place at home. All to control with its Switch console of course!

It is one of the back-to-school gaming events and undoubtedly one of the flagship toys of Christmas 2020. After having taken to the streets and conquered the whole world with the Pokemon Go application, Nintendo offers to transpose augmented reality into your living room with Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit. With this novelty, Nintendo is at the crossroads of several toys reminiscent of both the old-fashioned remote-controlled circuit, the game console but also augmented reality, allowing virtual elements to be superimposed in reality. Concretely, Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit comes in the form of a remote-controlled kart, which you charge with a USB cable, and in the box, there are gates that you can place as you wish in your living room, or even elsewhere in the house. The goal is to design your own circuit, and you can imagine everything from a classic oval to a more complex 8. These are the porticoes and the arrows that serve as indicators.

Up to four to race in your living room!

On the kart, a small camera that films the course, and allows you to mix the real images of your living room with the world of Mario Kart. All on the Switch (or Switch Lite) which therefore acts as a remote control. By default, we face opponents managed by the console, but the very good news is that we can even play together. Up to four players can place their kart on the circuit. The whole universe of Mario Kart is respected with the various bonuses (mushrooms, bananas…) that we can suffer or which we can of course enjoy. The effect is directly reflected on the kart since it can accelerate, or conversely slow down. Announced for October 16, but already available for pre-order since September 2 on Amazon, the game will be sold for 99.99 euros, and it will be available in two versions: Mario or Luigi.

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