Holidays with dogs: From the Eifel to Holland and Sylt

Anyone who has a dog pays attention to different things when choosing a vacation spot than people without a dog. Is there enough exercise for the animal? Are there places where he can run without a leash? Does the property offer amenities like dog beds, bowls, or poop bags? And where is the best place to go with a dog? We present places where dogs are welcome and give the most important tips for traveling with pets.

What is the best way to transport the dog?

Most dog owners probably use the car, it is the most comfortable and safest for the dog here – provided that the dog travels in appropriate boxes or is secured with another system. A dog in the car is considered a load in road traffic that must be adequately secured against slipping and falling over. If this is not the case, a fine of between 35 and 75 euros may be due, and you may risk a point in Flensburg. If the dog is properly restrained, driving is a good option as you can stop regularly to allow the dog to exercise or do its business. (You can read how to transport dogs correctly here.)

Big dogs need a child ticket on the train

Dogs are also allowed to travel on the train. Small dogs up to the size of a house cat, which are harmless and housed in closed containers, can travel free of charge in national traffic. The box must fit under the seat or on the shelf above the seat and does not belong on a seat.

Attention: If your dog is larger than a domestic cat, you must buy him his own ticket at the price of a child’s ticket. Tickets for dogs cannot be made available as online or mobile tickets, but will be sent by post. Therefore, please book early (at least three to five working days). When booking, please indicate that a child aged 6 to 14 is traveling unaccompanied. Larger dogs must lie in front of, under or next to your seat on the train, must be on a leash and may need a muzzle.

On the plane, large dogs fly alone in the cargo hold

Similar rules apply on the plane, but be sure to check with your airline in good time. Smaller and lighter dogs (usually between five and ten kilograms) may be carried in the passenger compartment and must remain in a locked animal transport container throughout the flight. Dogs that exceed the prescribed weight for staying in the passenger compartment must be carried in the cargo hold in a transport box.

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What do you need to take with you for the dog?

For the dog, these things must be in your luggage: pet ID card, vaccination card, leash, collar, muzzle if necessary, dog waste bag, water, treats, food and, if possible, the well-known dog bed or a blanket.

Holiday apartment or dog hotel?

A holiday apartment offers a lot of space, ideally even with a garden. But there are also many hotels that specialize in holidaymakers with dogs and even offer their own packages for the animals, for example with their own towels and treats. This often includes excursion and hiking tips. In the booking portal, many accommodations are listed sorted by country and region.

Where to go

A city trip is of course not that exciting for a dog. So that he can move around a lot, many dog ​​owners like to take their pet to the mountains or to the sea. We give some suggestions for worthwhile holiday destinations.

The most beautiful vacation spots with dogs in Germany

The Travelcircus holiday portal looked at 41 different regions in Germany that are best suited for a holiday with a dog. The focus was on Google searches for the respective region, combined with the keywords holiday and dog. The following categories were taken into account and set in relation to the size of the region: How many bathing spots are there in the region? What about special accommodation for dogs? There were additional points for dog boutiques, dog salons, veterinary clinics and especially when leashes are not mandatory everywhere. In summary, these eleven worthwhile vacation spots emerged for dog owners in descending order: Sylt, Lake Constance, Rügen, Bavarian Forest, Spreewald, Usedom, Baltic Sea, Black Forest, Saxon Switzerland, Lüneburg Heath and Hamburg.

Five ideas for vacationing with your dog:

Nearby: holiday village in the Eifel, only for dog owners

A good address very close by is Brang’s Hundeparadies in the Eifel in Jünkerath. The holiday village was specially designed for holidays with dogs. All houses have a fenced garden, there is also a dog sports field and a playground with a forest area, all fenced in as well. Bathing spots are also not far away. Peter Brang breeds black moose dogs himself. Further information and booking inquiries:

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holiday homes dog paradise Eifel, Feusdorfer Str. 35, 54584 Jünkerath, 06597/961040

Holidays with dogs: Sylt in first place among the German regions

Bitch Ayka on the beach on Sylt

Sylt did particularly well in the ranking of the Travelcircus booking portal for holidays with dogs. The journey to the island is possible (also by car) by train or ferry. There is enough space to run, grass, extensive dune landscapes and long sandy beaches, including 15 dog beaches. There are five in Rantum: North 15 (campsite), South 5 (Henning-Rinken-Wai), South 9 Tadjem Deel/nudist beach, Samoa/nudist beach and Zanzibar/nudist beach. You can find more dog beaches on the website Sylt is also ideal for hiking with the dog. There are various routes here:

Particularly popular: Holidays with dogs in the Netherlands

Dog off leash Holland beach

In autumn, dogs are allowed to walk off a leash on many Dutch beaches – here in Vlissingen.

The beaches in the Netherlands are a popular destination for dog owners – not so far to drive and with a lot of freedom for people and animals. A trip is particularly worthwhile in autumn, because dogs are allowed to walk off a leash on many beaches. You should check the rules on site. You can find more information about the dog beaches here:

For entry to the Netherlands there are a few things to consider. Every dog ​​crossing the border needs a European passport, must be identifiable by chip and vaccinated against rabies. In the Netherlands there are many dog-friendly accommodations, for example in the Center Parcs you can bring two pets per cottage. You can find more dog-friendly accommodation, some with a dog sitter, here (in Dutch):

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In the restaurants dogs are welcome almost everywhere in the Netherlands. A selection of dog-friendly restaurants and cafes can be found (in Dutch) here:

Ein Vorschlag: Hundestrand Noordwijk aan Zee

Holidaymakers with dogs in Noordwijk in the Netherlands.

Holidaymakers with dogs in Noordwijk in the Netherlands.

In Noordwijk in the province of South Holland, dogs can be walked off the leash from September 1st to May 31st on the entire beach, with the exception of the beach at Nordvoort. There are also beach pavilions that welcome the dog all year round. Good to know: The dog-friendly beach bar Take2 is located at the beach entrance 1. There are bowls of water ready. More detailed impressions of the beach in Noordwijk and lots of pictures can be found on this blog:

Address:Queen Astrid Boulevard, 2202 BD Noordwijk, Parkplatz am Boerhaaveweg, 2202 AA Noordwijk

Discover more beautiful beaches for dogs here:

Black Forest: With the dog in the mountains

In Gengenbach in the Black Forest it is also very nice for dogs.

In Gengenbach in the Black Forest it is also very nice for dogs.

The mountains are also exciting for dogs, in the Black Forest they are not quite as high and you can go on wonderful hikes through the woods. There are large meadow valleys, treeless hilltops and dog-friendly lakes. In Baden-Württemberg there is no general obligation to keep a leash in the forest, provided the dog is walking nearby. Dogs must be on a leash in the nature reserve.

An approximately 18-kilometer circular route around the Schluchsee or a tour of the Merkurberg is particularly recommended. If necessary, a mountain railway also runs here. There is a restaurant at the summit and a game reserve at the valley station.

Address: Merkur valley station, Merkuriusberg 2, 76530 Baden-Baden,

More tips for holidays in the Black Forest can be found here:

City trip: Hamburg with a dog

Dalmatians at Eichbaumsee Hamburg

In Hamburg, for example, you can take your dog to the Eichbaumsee.

Hamburg also features on the list of the most popular excursion destinations with dogs. There are several dog parks, run-off zones and agility training courses where dogs can be off-leash. The Niendorfer enclosure, for example, offers a dog meadow with lots of exercise and forest around it. At the Eichbaumsee in Allermöhe the dog can go in the water, at the Falkensteiner Ufer on the Elbe there is even a separate dog beach.

You can find more excursion tips for Hamburg with a dog here: also has tips for lovely walks with the dog. This blog is also worthwhile:

All dog parks in Hamburg broken down by district, you can see here:
Dog-friendly hotels in Hamburg can be found here:

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