Hochtaunuskreis and Taunus Nature Park support elementary schools on their way to “Nature Park School”

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Together with the Taunus Nature Park, the Hochtaunuskreis would like to intensify cooperation with primary schools in the field of environmental education and education for sustainable development.

With the aim of sustainable environmental education, elementary schools in the Hochtaunus district should be given the opportunity to develop into a “nature park school” and then to be certified with this profile. For this purpose, a coordination office was set up in the district office in October 2021. It is assigned to the staff unit for climate protection, sustainable district development and environmental education.

“The certification for the Taunus Nature Park School sets the course for raising children’s awareness. Those who gather experience in the areas of nature and the environment at a young age and learn to appreciate them are more motivated as adults to protect them through environmentally friendly behavior. It is all the more important to support the project proactively and to get as many elementary schools as possible to work together,” explained District Administrator Ulrich Krebs and Environment Director Thorsten Schorr.

Involve extracurricular partners such as foresters, conservationists and farmers

The task of the new coordination office is to create a wide-ranging network of many cooperation partners with different focal points in terms of education for sustainable development (ESD). Through the cooperation with the schools, important topics from the nature park region such as biological diversity, nature and landscape, culture and crafts as well as agriculture and forestry are regularly dealt with in lessons, on excursions and on project days. It is also planned to involve non-school partners such as foresters, conservationists and farmers. The students get to know their homeland and are inspired by the uniqueness of this region.

It is envisaged that the district will in future, at their request, provide elementary schools with topics such as
– Planning and implementation of environmental education projects and events,
– Placement of external specialists and institutions in the field of environmental education,
– Creation of a near-natural school site with projects on ESD topics,
– or accompaniment to the certification for the Taunus Nature Park School
advises and supports.

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In the summer of 2022, the district will offer a free initial event for primary schools. If a primary school is interested in becoming the first “nature park school” in the Taunus Nature Park, the cooperation between the district and the Taunus Nature Park enables expert support on the way to certification.

For more information on the subject of environmental education in the Hochtaunus district, call 06172/999 9231 or send an e-mail to: Umweltbildung@hochtaunuskreis.de.

(Text: PM Hochtaunus district)

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