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The history of the region will be taught in the Kuzbass schools.

This was reported by the press service of the regional government. Sergei Tsivilev discussed the prospects for the emergence of a new academic subject with representatives of the scientific historical community. Currently, specialists are already developing a textbook for grades 5-11. An interactive textbook will be ready for the new academic year. Using hyperlinks will allow children to study materials from archives, libraries, theaters, museums of Kuzbass and other electronic resources of the region. The textbook will contain not only a chronological description of the main events in the history of the region, but also maps, archival documents, data on famous residents, as well as teaching materials, quests and games.

“The coming year of the 300th anniversary of Kuzbass is a period of especially painstaking hard work for the benefit of the region. Representatives of the historical community have already done a huge, very important job of finding and organizing data and documents on the development of the territory since the discovery of coal deposits here. It is necessary that this information be available to all residents of Kuzbass. The study of the history of the native land should be massive, start at school and continue at the level of higher education, ”said the Governor of Kuzbass Sergei Tsivilev.


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