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The deputy of the Madrid Assembly Jorge Moruno remembers in the networks that during the mayor of Madrid Alberto Ruiz Gallardón (2003-2011), who was a serious candidate to lead the Popular Party and today is one more political corpse in the history of the most corrupt acronym (PP) in Europe refused to remove the monument to the Condor Legion that existed in the La Almundena Cemetery.

It was the embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany that finally, just three years ago, requested the demolition of the tribute to seven aviators from that country who died during the bombings of the capital of the Spanish Republic and who remained no less than almost forty years in the capital of a European democratic state: “Here lie German pilots fallen in the fight for a free Spain. German aviators killed by God and by Spain. Present! ”Read the text inscribed in his memory.

The order of the German embassy was very express and was given on the eve of the eightieth anniversary of the massacre caused by the Condor Legion in Guernica, the city that suffered the highest number of victims from the bombings, along with some others among which was Madrid: “Before April 25, 2017 proceed to disassemble the concrete slabs” since it is not protected by any patrimony and “the ownership is of the Federal Republic of Germany”, dictated the embassy of this country.

These days, the mayor of Madrid, belonging to the first party convicted of corruption in Spain, has knocked out the commemorative plaque in memory of Francisco Largo Caballero, president of the Government of the Spanish Republic and victim of the Nazi death camps, at the request of the far-right party that made his appointment as mayor possible. It is also intended that the name of Indalecio Prieto be eliminated from the Madrid street map, after the same municipal government eliminated the names of the almost 3,000 republicans shot by the dictatorship in the Almudena Cemetery.

Between what happened with Mayor Ruiz Gallardón and what happened by Mayor Almeida there are similarities that I believe it is not necessary to explain about the roots of the Popular Party, without Vox or with Vox on its right.

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