His legs and fingers are amputated for an infection caused by a bite from his dog: his brother-in-law died for the same reason

A severe infection caused by the bacteria present in the mouth of the family dog who bit them. This is why Barry Harris, 46, died last August, and why Mark Day, 62, was amputated both legs and almost all fingers after 10 days of coma, in which he struggled between life and death. The story comes from Colchester, Essex, UK, and once again the British tabloids are telling it. The Day family was literally shocked when they discovered the correlation between the bite of the family dog, an American Akita, and, first, the death of the brother-in-law; then Mark’s sepsis.

It all started last August, when Ted, the two-year-old dog, bit Barry Harris on the arm: the man treated the wound at home, but it became infected and three days later caused him heart failure which it took him in a short time to die for one cardiac arrest. After his death, his sister and brother-in-law welcomed his dog into the house but on August 19, the day of the funeral, the animal bit Mark Day. Within a few days, the man first had a fever and then he began to feel his legs like “two blocks of ice”: hospitalized urgently, went into a coma and doctors were forced to amputate his limbs to save his life from infection. “It’s like a nightmare. You just don’t think it happened. First the shock of my brother, now my husband. It’s just surreal, ”his wife Pauline said distraught.

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