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Reiwa 3rd year Hirosaki University Academic Special Award Ceremony Held

2022.01.14 Update

Hirosaki University held the Hirosaki University Academic Special Award Ceremony on December 23, 3rd year at Hirosaki University’s 50th Anniversary Hall Iwaki Hall.

The Hirosaki University Academic Special Award is for the “Hirosaki University Academic Special Award (Endo Award)”, which targets several original and highly complete papers, and the original and sufficient papers that show the future potential of the author. Consists of the “Hirosaki University Young Excellent Paper Award”. It was established in 2011 with the aim of further improving the research level by commending papers that have made a significant contribution to improving the research level of Hirosaki University.

This year, as a special academic award (Endo Award), Associate Professor Yuichi Sendoda of the Graduate School of Science and Engineering and Professor Shinji Tokatsugu of the Institute of Exposure Medicine, Associate Professor Aiko Hibino of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences as a young excellent paper award. Professor Takakiyo Tsujiguchi, Assistant Professor Nobu Koyamauchi, Associate Professor Yoshiaki Sato of the Graduate School of Health Sciences, and Associate Professor Takahiro Okabe of the Graduate School of Science and Engineering received the award, and President Fukuda presented a certificate of commendation and a supplementary prize. I did.

President Fukuda said, “I hope that we will develop the results of this research and work toward higher goals.” Mr. Ryohei Miyata gave a greeting to encourage the winners, saying, “I want you to further improve your talents and spread your wings to the world,” using the words of world-famous fashion designer Coco Chanel as an example.

President Fukuda greets

Mr. Miyata greeting

Next, Associate Professor Sendoda of the Graduate School of Science and Engineering, who received a speech from each award winner and received the Special Academic Award (Endo Award), co-authored the dissertation and a faculty member who is conducting research activities together in the field of space physics. We thank the students and thank them for their good luck in receiving this award, and expressed their aspirations to contribute to educational activities and society.

Also, from Professor Totsugu of the Radiation Emergency Medicine Research Institute, his research activities have made a great contribution to the field of radiation exposure, and those projects that have been established so far are the result of research support from the university. In order to reward it, he expressed his enthusiasm to strive to guide the younger generation.

This year’s award ceremony was a very honorable place, with Mr. Miyata presenting a trophy and receiving a congratulatory address.

With Mr. Miyata, Endo Award winner, and trophy

Mr. Miyata and the recipients of the Special Academic Award (from the right, Associate Professor Okabe, Assistant Professor Koyamauchi, Associate Professor Hibino, Associate Professor Sendoda, Mr. Miyata, Professor Tokoji, Assistant Professor Tsujiguchi, and Mr. Sato)

■ Winners’ lectures are available online (Thursday, December 23, 3rd year of Reiwa-Thursday, March 31st, 4th year of Reiwa)


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