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Hiromi Go and Momoe Yamaguchi reveal the producer who was in love with each other
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It’s been 40 years since the legendary retirement concert, where the microphone was placed with the saying “I’ll be happy”. The name “Momoe Yamaguchi” is still special in the Japanese song world, but how did those hit songs come about? We asked Masatoshi Sakai, who has been involved in the birth of many stars and is also known as a hit maker for 60 years as a music producer, about the secret story behind his birth.

Just listening to the intro will bring back memories with your family, youth, faint love, and passion. Showa Kayo is booming now, saying, “I’m dying for nostalgia” and “I’m sad and my heart is squeezed.” Even so, it’s been a long time, and I’m surprised that Momoe Yamaguchi has retired from the entertainment world for 40 years.

“After the announcement of her retirement, she wore a kimono and greeted her.”

Mr. Masatoshi Sakai, a music producer who has sent many idols to the world and led the Showa era music with them, talks so nostalgicly, including Momoe Yamaguchi.

“Momoe came to CBS Sony (currently Sony Music Entertainment) where I was working and said,’Thank you for your help.’ I was convinced that the singer would never return to the front stage.

She overcame the glamorous magic of the entertainment world and chose happiness as a woman. And even after retiring, he keeps the image of a star named Momoe Yamaguchi. I feel the goodness of the character rather than the strength of the core. From the time I was active, I always thought that I was polite, modest, and had a good way of raising my mother. She is reading a book, even though the talents of her age are making noise on the plane. I was also such an intelligent woman. “

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