Hiroiki Ariyoshi is the story of “Panther”? “Ignored grass”-Maijitsu

Hiroiki Ariyoshi (C) Maijitsu

In “Ariyoshi no Kabe” (Nippon TV) broadcast on November 24, there was one act in which Hiroiki Ariyoshi shook the story of “Panther” from the beginning, which excited the viewers.

Entertainers lurked in a huge mall and showed off their stories. Ariyoshi and Shiori Sato visit a pet shop. Sato entered the store while muttering “Cute! Healed!” And Ariyoshi “Retriever …”.

Immediately after entering the store, Ariyoshi touched the dog, and the dog immediately got entangled in Ariyoshi’s arm. Sato was deeply moved, saying, “Isn’t it amazing?” Ariyoshi also stroked the dog’s back with a familiar hand, saying, “Cute, cute.”

Are you crazy about dogs and don’t notice the story of “Panther” Kei Mukai?

Immediately after the dog licked Ariyoshi’s face, Kei Mukai of “Panther” started the story with a line saying “No, the dog is cute!”. However, Sato stared at the dog and said, “Wow, it’s amazing! I’m glad,” he said to the dog.

As Ariyoshi continued to stroke the dog, Mukai repeated the same lines as “No, dog, it’s so cute.” However, the two seem to be crazy about the dog, such as talking to the dog “I’m glad”. Mukai strongly shouted, “Your dog is cute!”, And Ariyoshi finally responded, “I’m sorry! Oh, Mukai.”

Viewers are laughing at Ariyoshi and Sato not responding to Mukai until they say the same line three times.

《Don’t ignore wwwww》
《Don’t ignore ww》
《Ignored wwwww》
《Mr. Ariyoshi w who plays with dogs and ignores Mr. Mukai》
“Mr. Ariyoshi is too mellow for her dog and Mr. Mukai’s dog is cute-it’s too much ignored”
《Mr. Ariyoshi w who plays with dogs and ignores Mr. Mukai》
《Because I’m playing with a dog, Ignore the start of the contest wwwww》
《The dog is too cute and Mukai is ignored and the grass》

Was Mukai, who looks calm, angry?

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