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A Sim is sitting on the high school lawn.

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sims 4 recently released High School days expansion pack, the first expansion pack since 2021. But navigating the DLC can be as confusing as a freshman’s homeroom.

But first, some context: expansion pack releases are Major base game update Maintainable hair options, customizable sexual orientation, curved walls, And unwanted incest incident. yeah, you read that right. 1 week, base game and High School days Sims are patrolled by nasty bugs, such as wanting to court their families, aging rapidly, and randomly becoming celebrities.

this is not a season update Exploitative TLC seriesbut it is sims 4When in community Shouted out Maxis quickly released some “growing pains” for a nasty bug August 2 patchSadly, just like cystic acne, some problems don’t go away easily.Spooky crawls still run upper gradess, I noticed, but I’ll explain what to watch out for and what to expect sims high school. And I’ll give you a wedge.

don’t get old

Teens rule Copperdale and the new world it contains High School days It has three main attractions: a pier, a school, and a shopping center. All Sims can go to these locations regardless of age group, but only her teenage Sims can attend classes.

you can think High School days As a lifted bale. Teenagers typically send them off to school when prompted, dissolve into the ether, and go home when school is over. Now you can find out what’s so fun about Aether and get your teenage Sims attending classes, studying for exams, extracurricular activities, and even proposing.

However, if your preferred Sim is a decrepit youth, you won’t be able to engage in most things, but High School days‘Actual high school stuff, you still access the host Cute hairstyles, costumes, items, euphoria– Ready-made makeup looks. Children and toddlers can also get some of these hairstyles.

Interestingly, young adult Sims can join high school cheerleading and football teams, but it appears to be illegal.Young adult sims can also access High School days Careers are “streamers” and “influencers,” and as you know, anyone under the age of 25 in the real world is obligated by sacred law to pursue them.

Meta screen time drives me crazy

High School days So let me introduce you to Social Bunny, the Sims’ Twitter that you can access by clicking the phone icon in the bottom left corner of your screen. Various events, such as eating cafeteria food or remembering a party, prompt you to create different pre-made status updates that you can customize by setting a tone such as embarrassed, happy, and more. You can also accept and send friend requests to Sims you meet, DM them with friendly, flirty, or mean messages, and tag their posts. But think twice before typing. Targeted messages can affect your relationship with your Sims for better or worse.

DM from sim.

Biff Beefers cannot stop DMing themselves.
screenshot: EA/Kotaku

Bug warning: As a career streamer, I used Social Bunny a lot in hopes of boosting my following, but my follow numbers were upsetting, even though homewrecking character Beef Beefers’ posts left him with an angry emoji. No. Will the hate continue? I think it’s very unrealistic and product of a bug.

I also noticed that the sent DMs and their replies were out of order and my Sims started DMing themselves. I know social media can easily create sick minds, but damn it.

buy a new one

A mannequin in a red top and brown skirt from The Sims.

Very Dark Academia Cottagecore Trendy Girl Neon Raver.
screenshot: EA/Kotaku

You are cordially invited to ThriftTea. ThriftTea is a new store where you can hang out and meet your fellow kids, sip 8 Simorian tea, pick up new clothes to style and have them shipped with Trendi. Depop support Fashion resale app. Generating enough buzz for your appearance earns you money, and more importantly, notoriety as a Simfluencer.

But if you’re into more girly interior design, there are also things you should buy. High School days Comes with new home and school item waterfall Target teen sensibilities with cute figurines and balloon arches to customize special events such as proms, graduations and weekly pep rally. Completely destroying Copperdale High, renaming it, assigning it “traits” such as “fast internet”, euphoriaImage of thing and an unlimited school budget. I installed speakers in the cafeteria, which was full of electronica.

order High School days By September 8th, you’ll also get gaming chairs, LED panels for your walls, and wireless speakers. Want to play infinity mirrors with your game sims and gods?

do your best, if you can

A Sim looking at a smartphone in class.

Hang up, Beef!
screenshot: EA/Kotaku

Grades high school Not so important. I think it’s a virtue of being a computer little person instead of a small person in the world. There are two classes per day.You can see what those are by clicking on a Sim and selecting the “High School” option to view the calendar.However, the school only has two classrooms. The active Sim is always in the classroom on the left, but the bell rings and the whiteboard flashes to indicate when and where class starts.

Classes are not very fulfilling. All you have to do to join a class is sit down at the right time and pray for your Sims to pick up their notebooks. In some cases, you may be prompted about what to do with difficult exam questions. You can complete homework by picking it from your inventory, but I’ve noticed my Sims sometimes do their own homework. After school on Wednesdays, you can attend a study session in the classroom on the right, or you can choose to self-study in the “High School” option. Make sure you are ready for Friday’s exam. The game tracks your grades, but the worst thing that can happen if you’re a filthy student is getting a stern phone call from the principal. In that case, the principal can also detain you, but as far as I know, all students can graduate no matter what.It has to be a Montessori school.

Bug warning: I went to school i went to class I sat down. nothing happened. I restarted the game. I restarted the app. nothing happened.

For me, until high school work It was the most frustrating and time consuming part of playing High School daysThe only thing I could do during a lively class was probably to “prank the whiteboard” by writing the b-word (“butt”) on the board. Being able to manually control them allowed me to study and do my homework, but my Sim had never opened a book during class and didn’t understand why.

Play as hard as you can

In addition to landmark events such as proms and graduations, there are plenty of on-campus leisure activities you can participate in and manage, such as science fairs, career fairs and pranks. Every Friday there is a pep rally of sorts, including soccer and cheerleading competitions. You can join by clicking on a soccer or cheerleading mat, which is also a purchasable item from your locker.

To pick up your locker, click on the locker inside your school. From there you will be asked to purchase items or customize your appearance with different styles such as ‘Dark Academia’, ‘Goth’ and ‘Gamer’. Yes, teens love “gamers”.

You can sabotage other people’s lockers by clicking on them and selecting “Stink Capsule”. But don’t get caught up in the stench cloud —your sim literally diesand your high school will likely sue for negligence.

Teenage Sims can sneak out a window if they survive to another day and get invited to an epic evening event. All Sims will also have access to many new WooHoo spots, or “messy” spots such as teenage amusement parks and campuses. These WooHoo spots could lead to another lawsuit, but I tried to romance my Sim’s teacher and couldn’t.

Bug warning: There was an issue where fairs would not start properly or only start in the middle. For example, at a football tournament on a Friday, a crowd of Sims were present and one gave a speech, but no stalls were opened and no one touched the football. My Sim couldn’t help but lament the lack of veggie hot dogs.

of sims 4 high school Expansion packs are packed with fun new items, gameplay mechanics, and places to explore. There is no mistake. However, there are still bugs that make exploration less satisfying. So if you want to relive high school, but better, you probably can’t be here. Sandwich age love Just have fun in the school library. At least I did!

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