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Students of Yamoto 2nd Junior High School held PR banners in the “Elementary and Junior High School Joint Greeting Campaign” at their alma mater Akai Minami Elementary School on May 25.

In Higashimatsushima City, which is promoting human resource development with an eye on the nine years of compulsory education, efforts to collaborate with elementary and junior high schools are fostering the motivation and richness of children’s minds and boosting their growth. Junior high school students visit their alma mater elementary school to exchange morning greetings with elementary school students. Experience the joy of working with I also developed a sense of role model. Elementary school students were touched by the strength of their seniors, and a yearning and motivation for junior high school sprouted.

Higashimatsushima City’s basic educational policy is to “love our hometown, Higashimatsushima City, and create people who are ambitious and rich in heart for the new era.” Each school is working to create an attractive school that gives all students a “turn” and “role” and “approves” their hard-working attitude. Collaborative activities between elementary and junior high schools nurture children’s sociability and zest for life.

The Yamoto Ni Junior High School District’s elementary and junior high school joint greeting campaign, which is planned to be held five times this year, has already been held three times. Yui Nakamura, 15, a third-year member of the student council, said, “As a junior high school student, I tried to be a role model for my greetings.”

The students are nurtured to watch over the children of their alma mater (Akai Elementary School, Akai Minami Elementary School, Omagari Elementary School) from an older perspective, saying that they are “cute” and “I want to protect them.” Kazuhiko Shibuya, vice-principal of Yamoto 2nd Junior High School, commented, “I take this as proof of the growth of the students. They are fostering a sense of crime prevention and safety.”

The school set a period of refraining from using digital media (three days before the regular examination on May 27), and the elementary schools in the district also agreed. He urged children to “reduce the time spent reading and play outside.” It became a practice to control digital media through cooperation between elementary and junior high schools, and the children’s awareness was raised.

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Sixth grade students of Omagari Elementary School who observed the send-off ceremony for the Ishinomaki District Junior High School Championships on June 9 at the school saw the junior high school students enter with a firm expression, and there was a scene where the junior high school students talked about their enthusiasm and a cheering performance by the brass band. I was impressed. “I want to be a junior high school student like my seniors.

At the “Children’s Future Summit” held on July 30 by the city board of education as an elementary and junior high school collaboration project, elementary and junior high school students in the city announced efforts to appropriately engage with digital media and exchanged opinions. It was a valuable experience to cultivate the ability to listen and communicate by meeting and exchanging opinions beyond the framework of the school.

The city board of education will promote the practice of cooperation between elementary and junior high schools to promote cooperation and interaction between students, and support the growth of children.

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