here is the heir of the McLaren F1


We tasted it in small bites, each of them with a particular and unique flavor. Now here we are in front of the complete dish and, judging by the ingredients, it will have a unique taste. And the Gordon Murray T.50, the much anticipated and expected supercar born from the mind of the brilliant English engineer.

You see the shapes and they are striking for their simplicity and for the extremely compact sizes: 4.35 in length, as long as one Porsche Cayman. But don’t be fooled by this fact: as they say in England “Dynamite comes in small packages”.

Aspirated charm

A supercar (or hypercar, the names – sometimes – are not important) born under the sign of what is the most famous creature of Gordon Murray: the McLaren F1, an immortal English sports car driven by a naturally aspirated BMW V12. A fractionation taken from the T.50, driven by a 3.9-liter engine which, to quote its creator, represents “the best aspirated V12 in history”.

Gordon Murray Automotive T.50 - Door function

Thinking about who else produces V12 engines (Ferrari and Lamborghini, of course), this is not a small affirmation. But looking at the technical characteristics it is to be thought that Murray may indeed be right. First of all the numbers: 663 hp and 467 Nm of torque. If you are not impressed, get ready because the best is now.

70% of the torque already reaches 2,500 rpm, the maximum speed is at 12,100 rpm and can be reached in (ready) just 0.3 “. A blink of an eye and you are a limiter. Pushed to … no one knows. Because in creating the T.50 Gordon Murray – together with Cosworth, “mother” of the V12, created following the instructions of the English engineer – he did not want to think (only) of performance. Nothing spasmodic search for speed record, accelerations from guinnes or other. Just an absolute level of driving pleasure.

Gordon Murray Automotive T.50 - Cropped leash

Old school

And if you talk about driving pleasure, the engine alone is not enough. It takes worthy traveling companions and there are on the T.50 manual transmission, rear wheel drive and low bone weight. And of course there is also a mechanical self-locking differential.

Let’s start from the weight that, thanks also to the aforementioned very small measures, the T.50 scores just 986 kg on the scale. How much one Mazda MX-5 in basic configuration. Extremely light beyond saying thanks to numerous elements in materials such as titanium, carbon fiber and so on, which have also made it possible not to have to install an excessive braking system. The English supercar in fact uses 370 mm carbon-ceramic discs at the front (with 6-piston calipers) and 340 mm at the rear (with 4-piston calipers).

Gordon Murray Automotive - Change T.50
Designation Gordon Murray Automotive T.50

Another really noteworthy aspect is the six-speed manual gearbox (signed Xtrac) with titanium lever. Race and endurance have been tested and tested a myriad of times, to find the right feeling able to satisfy the driver at all times. A quick and precise change with 5 nearby gears and the sixth instead much longer. A gear of rest, for when traveling on the highway.

Yes, because the English supercar was not born solely and exclusively for the track: the road is its prey and can be used every day. Would you feel it?

Fan supercar

Of course, an everyday car does not have the technical and aerodynamic refinements of the T.50. An aerodynamics that incorporates one of the most ingenious (and discussed) solutions signed by Gordon Murray: the rear fan. A gimmick introduced for the first time in 1978 on the Brabham BT46B, Formula 1 car banned after only one Grand Prix because of the rear fan.

Gordon Murray Automotive T.50 - Tail detail
Gordon Murray Automotive - Fan T.50

The T.50 however (fortunately) does not have to comply with strict regulations and can therefore adopt any type of useful solution to improve its aerodynamic performance. So here’s the rear fan, powered by a 48V line and the presence of which makes it unnecessary that of showy ailerons or other aerodynamic appendages. She alone, thanks to the diameter of 400 mm, gives downforce increased by 50% when cornering and double when braking.

But it does not end here: the aerodynamics of the Gordon Murray T.50 can be set on 6 different modes (Auto, High Downforce, Braking, Test, Streamline and V-Max Boost), with the latter 2 representing the non plus ultra. In Streamline it is possible to increase the maximum speed thanks to an effect that “lengthens” the aerodynamics of the car, in V-Max Boost the 48 V generator is disconnected and 700 HP of power are available.

Gordon Murray Automotive T.50 - Cab detail

Rich but simple

A car born in the sign of the McLaren F1 was said, and the 90s supercar looks not only in the technical setting but also in that of the passenger compartment: 3 seats, with the driving seat in a central position and slightly advanced and the other 2 on the sides.

The interior is minimal but nothing is missing, not even stereo and compatible infotelematics system Android Auto ed Apple CarPlay. This always with a view to offering a car that can be used not only on the track, but in everyday life. Maybe even for a short trip thanks to trunk from 288 liters (traveling in 2) or 228 if traveling in 3.

Gordon Murray Automotive - Pedali T.50
Cabina Gordon Murray Automotive T.50

The only sore point is the price: it starts at around 2.6 million euros, excluding taxes and customizations. Each of the 100 lucky owners of the Gordon Murray T.50 can in fact sew the car to measure, going directly to the factory to choose materials for the passenger compartment or the driving position.

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