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During the 2022 edition of the “Festival of Smiles“on Sunday 18 September, a commemorative event Philip Cantoni Young rugby player who died young in 2014, were handed over by the parents of “Pippo”. grantsAward for young athletes who have distinguished themselves throughout the season through sporting and academic merits and through their social commitment.

Ilenia Marchegiani of the Doric Rugby Spartan Queens from Ancona and student in the 5th year of IPSIA Antonio Luca di Biase among this year’s winners, both awarded between the U19 tournament and the Coppa Italia match between HBS Colorno and Cus Torino.

“Every year we meet so many exceptional young people who have made a difference in both the school world and the world of rugby. I’m very happy when I see a girl get the Filippo Cantoni scholarship… Rugby needs the women’s world, a movement that’s growing fast but needs the support of all clubs,” he commented Stefan CantoniPresident of Sostegno Ovale Onlus and Rugby Colorno.

The to win Salary “Filippo Cantoni Ten and Praise”sponsored by Parma provincewar Antonio Luca di Biase, Student of V at IPSIA Primo Levi Professional Institute. He arrives at Sostegno Ovale with full points. His innate reticence revealed a boy very intent on his future: a course in biotechnology.

Many adhesions from all over Italy for the bag with “Filippo Cantoni” Ateliersponsored by FIR and went to Ilenia Marchegianiof the Doric-Rugby. Ilenia, who plays in the team of Spartan Queens, comes from Ancona. She was also chosen because she is already an athlete in the U19 women’s national team. Solar, visibly excited, cute but very determined and focused on her future goals: opening a dental laboratory.

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Really exciting moment when the two winners kicked off the Coppa Italia match between HBS Colorno and CUS Torino Rugby at 4pm after the minute’s silence to commemorate the victims of the Marches. symbolically kicking the first ball of the game.

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