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January 14, 2022

PESARO – Pesaro UNESCO Creative City for Music, renews, alongside the already extensive musical offer, the appointment with Playlist Pesaro, review of eleven appointments, twelve with the preview of the gospel concert of last January 2, which returns for the eighth edition from January to May 2022 at Experimental Theater and to Church of the Annunziata on the initiative of Municipality of Pesaro andAMAT, in collaboration with Marche region e MiC and realized with the contribution of BPER Bank.

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Leonardo Panni, aka Marter, musician from Pesaro, the last of a long generation, has been studying Classical Accordion since 2009 at the G. Rossini Conservatory in Pesaro, and is expected at the opening of Playlist January 28 at the Church of the Annunciation in collaboration with Black Marmalade Records. At the same time as his classical studies he devoted himself with ever increasing curiosity to ambient, hip-hop, indie productions, up to the composition of radio tunes, soundtracks for short films and documentaries. Giorgio Then returns live and arrives at the Teatro Sperimentale on 10 February with the data zero del tour, preceded by a setting up residence. The opportunity for the singer-songwriter is to present the new one to the public Foam rubber with the intensity that is his own and that has seen him protagonist during his career with national and international tours. Playlist Pesaro continues with Black Saagan, to the Church of the Annunciation on February 19 in collaboration with Black Marmalade Records. If there was light it would be beautiful is his second album, a soundtrack with an occult mood of a film that never existed inspired by the kidnapping of Aldo Moro, whose title takes up a famous phrase extracted from the last touching letter that the Honorable addressed to his wife before the announced execution of the Red Brigades. The electronics ofEnsemble Performers of Metal on Paper is the protagonist of the appointment of March 2 at the Church of the Annunciation with the performance Discovering the electronic music of Chino ‘Goia’ Sornisi. The original name of the group reveals the uniqueness of the project: the reciting voice of Francesco Fusaro and the synthesizers of Enrico Gabrielli, Sebastiano De Gennaro, Damiano Afrifa and Luisa Santacesaria – musicians at the center of the Italian alternative scene with active collaborations also with artists like PJ Harvey, Steve Wynn, Afterhours – recount, by performing their literally unobtainable works, the fantastic (or imaginative?) life of Chino Goia Sornisi (perhaps not accidental anagram of Gioachino Rossini), extraordinary pioneer of electronic music who lived exactly a century after Maestro from Pesaro. On March 3 at the Teatro Sperimentale it is the turn of The coming year. Songs by Lucio Dalla, a project born from the meeting of Javier Girotto, Natalio Mangalavite and the voice of Peppe Servillo. The result is a perfect musical joint, a continuous stimulus and the desire to invent together new musical paths and new “stories”. Giancane back on stage with All Right Tour and arrives at the Experimental Theater on March 19th. Born Giancarlo Barbati, in the space of two solo albums he has impressed a more than recognizable signal in the way of writing his songs: a literary grammar made up of an expressive rawness that draws heavily from a street talk. He is now also known to most for having composed his first soundtrack, for the Netflix series Tear off along the edges by the Roman cartoonist Zerocalcare who fascinated millions of spectators. On March 25 at the Teatro Sperimentale it is the turn of Cristina Donà, an artist who has contributed to defining a new season of Mediterranean rock and one of the few Italians capable of “rivaling” with the great colleagues who have reinvented the model of interpreter and author abroad. Always able to renew herself, the Donà first became a point of reference and then an inspirational figure for the new generations of Italian musicians. TO Playlist Pesaro comes with want Tour, an opportunity to appreciate the evocative capacity of the album as well as the unconventional arrangements. Palaces of the East, producer and composer, founding member of 72-HOUR POST FIGHT and 2004Sgrang, is expected on April 1st at the Chiesa dell’Annunziata, in collaboration with Black Marmalade Records. In 2021 Palazzi D’Oriente returns to the catalogs of La Tempesta International with a new album Sheltering Water, a cinematic succession of electronic suggestions, influenced by the local folklore of the Lake Maggiore area where the artist grew up and by the alienation that the Italian province generates. A personal reflection on life, death and the influence that this place has on the destiny of the people who live there. April 9 at the Teatro Sperimentale Andrea Scanzi, former author of shows on Giorgio Gaber, Fabrizio De André, Ivan Graziani and Pink Floyd, retraces the career of Franco Battiato in And I come to look for you, a polite way to tell and thank a giant who taught how difficult it is to find dawn within dusk. Next to him, to sing and play some of the most significant pieces of Battiato, Gianluca Di Febo, leader of Terza Corsia and Floyd On The Wing. A generation of artists enlivens the scene of young independent authors and producers of music: Glocal sound / young auteur music on the circuit – initiative promoted at national level by AMAT with, among others, the Piemonte dal Vivo Foundation and other regional circuits that have decided to focus on young independent music authors and producers – arrives on April 30 at the Chiesa dell’Annunziata presenting the work of R.Y.F. that with Everything burns offers a foray into electronic music in an irresistible combo of electroclash and punk that turns out to be a radical blend of joy and anger and LADYHALO, the result of the different musical influences of the two Pesaro artists Laura Vasari and Alice Belli who come together in a music-shake of electronic, pop, RnB, soul and downtempo. Concludes Playlist Pesaro on May 7 barzin to the Church of the Annunciation with Voyeurs In the Dark Tour, from the last album of the artist that took five years of work to be released in May 2022 for Monotreme Records. The work retains the cinematic quality and at the same time infuses elements of jazz, electronics, rock and pop into the music.

For information: Teatro Sperimentale ticket office 0721 387548. Concerts start at 9 pm.

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