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  Lu Net August 6th In order to congratulate Shui Guo on the title of the Golden List and cultivate more talents for the society, on the afternoon of August 4th, the first Xinhe scholarship distribution activity of “Aiding Dreams and Inspiring Educators” was held in the auditorium of Zaozhuang No. 26 Middle School. Shuiguo Town Chamber of Commerce issued scholarships to students who have passed the key high schools. Zhang Bing, Vice Chairman of the District Political Consultative Conference and Chairman of the Federation of Industry and Commerce, Hou Zongcheng, Deputy Minister of the United Front Work Department of the District Party Committee, Secretary of the Party Group and Executive Vice Chairman of the District Federation of Industry and Commerce, and the Party Group of the District Education and Sports Bureau Member and deputy director Dong Lei, Secretary of the Party Committee of Shuiguo Town, fourth-level researcher Liang Yong and all member units of Shuiguo Town Chamber of Commerce attended the event. Liu Hao, deputy secretary of the town party committee and mayor of the town, presided over the event.

During the event, Zhang Bing extended warm congratulations to the candidates and parents who achieved good results in the senior high school entrance examination, and at the same time expressed his heartfelt thanks to all the members of the Shuiguo Town Chamber of Commerce. He said that the Chamber of Commerce is concerned with the development of education, fulfilling social responsibilities with practical actions, and demonstrating corporate responsibility. He hoped that the Chamber of Commerce in Taxguo Town will strengthen its own construction, correctly establish a “pro” and “clean” political and business relationship, and continue to work together in economic construction to create More economic benefits, while not forgetting social responsibility, actively participate in social public welfare undertakings, and create more social value.

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Liang Yong said that the students in Shuiguo Town have achieved remarkable results, and 44 candidates have been admitted to Zaozhuang No. 3 Middle School. He congratulates the students and parents who have achieved excellent results in this year’s high school entrance examination, and congratulates the vast number of educators who have worked hard. I would like to express my high respect and heartfelt thanks to the entrepreneurs and friends who have cared about and supported the development of our town’s education over the years. I hope that all departments at all levels in the town will continue to cooperate and jointly promote the resplendence of tax education.

Liu Hao said, “To make the ruler of the world depend on talents, and to become the master of the world is to educate.” The next step tax Guozhen will continue to raise the benchmark, benchmark the first-class, and continue to deepen the reform of precision teaching around the goal of building a “famous educational town in the east”, and make new and greater contributions to the development of education in the region and even the city. At the same time, I also hope that the award-winning students will guard against arrogance and impatience, and make persistent efforts and achieve better results in their future studies.

Comrade Liu Peixiu, chairman of the Chamber of Commerce in Shuiguo Town, made a speech on behalf of the chamber of commerce, and put forward ardent expectations to the students who have been admitted to key high schools in the name of the chamber of commerce; the leaders of the conference commended the student representatives who were admitted to the key high schools, student representatives, parents representatives made a typical speech.

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In the next step, Shuiguo Town will take this scholarship distribution event as an opportunity to give full play to the role of Shuiguo Town Chamber of Commerce, and actively plan to establish an “Enrollment Reward Mechanism for Key High School Students” to achieve full coverage of rewards for students in the town who have been admitted to key high schools , to further encourage and guide the primary and secondary school students in the town to study hard, strive for excellence, stimulate a strong atmosphere of advocating teaching and learning in the whole town, and accumulate talent base for accelerating hometown construction and realizing rural revitalization. (Correspondent Ma Hui)

Responsible editor: Du Wei

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