Helmstedt: Woman discovers THIS animal in the garden and puzzles – “never seen it before”

Helmstedt. “Huh? What is that? ”A woman has to choose Helmstedt asked when she first saw an animal that was completely unfamiliar to her.

Sitting on a log she found Helmstedt stick the animal to a bark. But what exactly is that insect-like little thing?

Helmstedt: Woman discovers insect on tree bark

The good weather invites you to take nice walks again. And with the sunny temperatures, forests serve as natural cooling. You can meet one or the other animal in the process.

This is what happened to a woman from Helmstedt who found a strange insect on a tree bark. Then she inquired further in the Facebook group “Everything in and around Helmstedt”.

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Helmstedt: What kind of animal can that be?

“Hello to you big group! Maybe someone knows what a funny fellow that is? ”She asks – and the great puzzle fun begins.

“Hmmm, I have no idea,” the first user strained her gray matter. Then someone jokes: “Didn’t he play in MIB (Men in Black)?” Or “Cockchafer without armor”.

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The correct answer is as unusual as the appearance of the animal itself.


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Finally the answer comes: “A weevil”, as another Facebook user explains.

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And indeed: the animal from Helmstedt is an “Anthribidae” and one of the beetles. There are currently around 60 species recorded in Europe. (ali)

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