Hellfest Festival: metalheads return to concerts in large numbers

The event also promotes local businesses, says the mayor of Clisson:

“On estimates the fallout at around ten million euros, including as far as Nantes, where the hotels are also filled with festival-goers who sleep there.

Ten million euros in fallouton the hosts, on the restaurants, on the bars, and all the activity that revolves around the festival.“Figures that show that metal has survived covid, since Graspop and Hellfest are the first two festivals of its kind since the end of the restrictions.

Metalheads are therefore returning to concerts in large numbers, but the success is not reflected in the official streaming sales rankings. In that of the “Bilboard 200” in the United States, the first metal group is Guns N’ Roses, with its album “Greatest hits”, which ranks 77th. The genre is doing better in record sales.

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