Heimathappen with beef 70g | meaty snack for dogs

Product description

Nothing can separate you and your best friend. And because you know your companion inside and out, you know exactly what he likes. With our PRIMOX® SNACKERN local bites made from aromatic, strong beef, you will make your partner in crime very happy. And everyone knows: happy dog ​​= happy master.

PRIMOX® SNACKER stand for tasty and species-appropriate snacks made from 100% natural ingredients. We develop all-round delicious products that are perfectly tailored to the needs of your loyal dog soul. Because that is particularly important to us. So delicious that your furry friend won’t want to keep its paws off – training is twice as much fun with the PRIMOX® SNACKERS. By the way, you strengthen your relationship through the beautiful time together so you become an inseparable dream team.

Approval number: DE NW 129862

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