Heat wave plan: the town ready to receive registrations


The services of Météo France have forecast strong heat for the coming days.

In addition to the right actions to adopt, the municipality would like to point out that as part of the national heat wave plan, it keeps a name register of people aged 65 and over and of those with disabilities in the municipality living at home and who request it. The information is confidential and only used in order to come to the aid or to involve the competent services, in the event of triggering of the alert and emergency plan.

To register, simply download the registration request form on the site villemoustaussou.fr and return the reply coupon to the town hall.

Registration will be confirmed by mail.

It is possible to call 04 68 47 74 80 for more information and for people without internet ; finally a third party (parent, neighbor, attending physician) who notices a situation that calls out can register a person directly.

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