Heat wave and tropical nights – midsummer in Germany


05 August 2020, 04:30 a.m.

Offenbach (dpa) Germany is sweating: hot days and tropical nights are especially popular in the Rhineland and the Rhine-Main region. An interim cooling is not in sight.

How the heat can endure: A boy slides down a water slide.

After the changeable weather of the past weeks, the German Weather Service (DWD) is expecting a longer heat wave for the next few days, which could well become a historical weather event in parts of Germany.

According to our forecasts, the 30-degree mark will be passed in the Rhineland on Wednesday – and this will probably remain so until August 13, DWD spokesman Andreas Friedrich told the dpa.

At least in the Rhineland there could be nine hot days with 30 degrees and more in a row – without interim cooling. It is even possible that the thermometer rises to 35 degrees for six days in a row.

According to the forecast, it will be similarly hot in the Rhine-Main region. For Frankfurt, meteorologists are expecting six tropical nights in a row from Saturday to the following Friday, in which the temperatures will not drop below 20 degrees. This will be an extreme burden, warned the DWD spokesman. There will probably be heat warnings in many places.

The unusually long heat wave is also characterized by drought – with massive consequences for nature. The extreme drought in the middle of Germany threatens to worsen and the risk of forest fires increases. Apart from some heat storms, precipitation is not to be expected.

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