Heat in Baden-Württemberg: This is what the weather is like on Sunday


After the heat of the past few days, summer is taking a short break in Baden-Württemberg. There are lots of clouds and showers on Monday.

The heat of the weekend said goodbye to Baden-Württemberg in the night of Sunday with partly strong thunderstorms.

The temperatures climbed so high in BW

On Saturday the temperatures in southern Germany climbed to well over 30 degrees. The warmest was 37.1 degrees in Bad Mergentheim-Neunkirchen (Main-Tauber-Kreis), said the meteorologist Tobias Reinartz from the German Weather Service (DWD). In Bavaria it was only a little cooler at 36.8 degrees in Kitzingen and 36.1 degrees in Regensburg. In general, the temperatures in the south and in the middle of Germany were over 30 degrees. Below that were the values ​​north of a line that extended from the Münsterland to the Uckermark.

A woman lies in summer temperatures on the shores of Lake Schwarzachtalsee near Ertingen (district: Biberach).  (Photo: dpa Bildfunk, Picture Alliance)

The feared chaos at the bathing lakes in Baden-Württemberg initially failed to materialize, despite the high summer temperatures on Saturday. The police also have an explanation.

On Friday in Rheinfelden (Lörrach district) in southern Baden, the highest value of the year so far was measured at 38.5 degrees. However, the DWD also recorded strong thunderstorms in Baden-Württemberg. In some cases, almost 50 liters per hour and square meter fell, said Reinartz.

DWD: “Midsummer is only short”

At the beginning of the new week it will not be warmer than 20 to 25 degrees. The maximum values ​​on Monday are between 16 degrees in the southern Black Forest and 23 degrees in the Upper Rhine, Neckar and Tauber, as the German Weather Service (DWD) announced. There are lots of clouds and showers. Thunderstorms with heavy rain and stormy gusts are also possible. On Tuesday it will remain cloudy, at times it can rain a little, according to the DWD. The sun shows up more often during the day. At midweek the temperatures rise to a maximum of 29 degrees in the northern Rhine Valley.


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