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Why do ulcers disappear in the mouth and how can they be healed?

A condition that is annoying as normal.

The wounds that often come into our mouth, such as in the cheeks, the tongue, the soft palate or the base of the gums, are known by the name mouth ulcers. They are approximately to swear open with an oval or round shape, usually white with a redness around it. They can go out individually or in different groups and influence our lives because they are very painful.

There are different kinds to swear, from minors to injuries that become chronic or acute. The causes of the appearance are usually unknown, sometimes they are usually associated with immunological reactions against normal bacteria of the oral flora. Another cause can also be a viral type infection.

They also usually occur as a result of trauma, if we get a blow or if we bite our mouth. Orthodontics and dentures can also cause this type of injury due to constant rubbing. On the other hand, stomatitis, stress, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal changes, allergies and even genetic predisposition can cause ulcers.

So, to swear In our mouth they are not serious injuries, but they are very annoying because they cause pain when eating, drinking and even while talking. It is easy to recognize them by their shape and color, they usually start with a burning or tingling sensation, then appear the red bump and eventually become a painful open wound in our mouth.

In general, these ulcers heal themselves; however, it is important to speed up the healing process, to care for the type of food we consume, because citrus fruits and spices tend to aggravate them; Apply topical painkillers or anti-inflammatory drugs and, above all, maintain strict oral hygiene. There are a number of products that help fight ulcers and prevent their appearance, after which we'll show you something.

1. Hanger: Mouthwash


It helps you to purify and promote the healing of minor mouth irritations. The oxygenating effect of peroxil helps to eliminate oral residues to facilitate the healing of mouth ulcers, irritations and burns.

It also relieves the inflammation of the gums through dental procedures, dentures and orthodontic devices. It is a formula with a great taste and contains no alcohol.

2. SoreNoMore: Hot Therapy


It is a natural formula that is designed to relieve chronic pain. You just have to put a bit of this gel on the sores in your mouth using cotton or your clean hands.

The sensation of hot wax, in addition to relieving pain, has a calming and narcotic effect on the sores in your mouth. You just have to wash your mouth very well and apply it to the affected part.

3. Cold sores have disappeared: treatment of cold sores

It is a lipstick formulated on the basis of natural herbs to relieve mouth ulcers and herpes. This application in addition to relieving helps to reduce the severity and duration of the wounds.

Simply place a small amount with the same rod on the affected area after cleaning. The natural ingredients are safe for children to use.

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