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Which diet is the most effective?

To lose weight: which diet is the best?

Every day we hear new diet results with certain weight loss methods. As a normal mortal, it is hardly possible to distinguish which diet is best for itself. That is why consumer defenders have now taken the lead and investigated the most common nutritional variants. You came to the following results:

Unhealthy overweight

Given that being overweight or obese can lead to health problems such as high blood pressure and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, there are really enough reasons to lose excess pounds. If you want to lose weight, you will find countless tips and methods on the internet to help you lose weight. The Hessen Consumer Center has taken a closer look at some of them.

Increasing is easy – no extra pounds lost. Consumer advocates explain what can and cannot help with weight loss. (Photo: Picture-Factory / fotolia.com)

Panacea should help you lose weight

"Getting a few pounds is easy – don't get rid of them," says Wiebke Franz, a nutritionist at the Hesse Consumer Agency.

"Many diets and weight loss products promise rapid success, but often cannot deliver on these promises or are even dangerous," says the expert.

Advertising for so-called "fat burners" promises true miracles: "Losing weight without exercise – eating everything and losing weight!"

If a product is praised this way, the alarm should go off. Because often such supplements appear on the internet to lose weight with dangerous and prohibited substances.

But even for harmless substances it has not yet been proven that you lose a lot of weight with their help. Consumers therefore argue against "fat burners", in particular products from unsafe sources on the internet.

Do without dinner

Among those who want to lose weight, the advice to stop eating after 6 p.m. is widespread.

This is based on the fact that in a nocturnal phase without food intake, the blood sugar level drops, so that less insulin is released, which mobilizes fats from fat deposits.

However, the bottom line is the total calorie intake during 24 hours is crucial. You can only lose weight if you use more energy than you deliver.

Intervall fasting is trendy

Eat for eight hours and starve for the next 16 hours? Or do you want to fast two full days and enjoy the rest of the week without regret?

The advantage of the Intervallfastens must lie in the fact that it brings little change to daily life. For those who just eat and only two calories that are low and low, they can still accept invitations or eat out.

Comparisons with other diets show that interval fasting helps to lose weight.

"Yet it is only useful to eat five days, what and how you feel, if you generally make the food choices healthier," says Franz.

Less carbohydrates – less fat

When it comes to successful methods of weight loss, the low-carbohydrate diet is often emphasized.

Studies have shown that diets that reduce carbohydrates can help you lose weight. According to consumers' advocates, the same benefits can be achieved in the long term if one reduces the consumption of fats.

But beware: those who have largely or completely renounced carbohydrates can only be difficult in the long term. The result: the pounds & # 39; s return quickly with the old eating habits.

Considerably less white bread, pastries, snacks and sweets and more vegetables to consume whole-grain products and protein-rich foods, on the other hand, can help you lose weight and maintain your new weight.

Fat or less sugar does not automatically contain low calories

As the consumer advice explains, low-calorie or low-sugar-free foods do not automatically contain a low calorie intake.

They only need to contain at least 30 percent less sugar or fat compared to regular foods in the same category.

Manufacturers usually replace the omitted nutrient with other ingredients that often also provide energy, or with flavorings, sweeteners and fillers.

"Did you know that many, based on fewer calories, get more access to the alleged light product?" Franz asks.

"It is better to opt for natural light weights such as potatoes instead of fries. Then you consume fewer calories, even without expensive special products." (Ad)


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