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What are these blisters in the mouth?

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If you have appeared more than once to swear or minor injuries how are you, it's not up to you to be so alarmed, here we explain some of the reasons why they appear in you mouth:

the wounds that usually comes out in our mouth, as in the cheeks, the language, the soft palate or the basis of the gums they are known by the name mouth ulcers. They are open wounds with an oval or round shape, usually white in color with redness around them.

There are different types of ulcers, from light ulcers to Injury that become chronic or acute. The causes of appearance are usually unknown, sometimes they are usually associated with immunological responses to the bacterium COMMON mouth flora. Another cause can also be a viral type infection.

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On the other hand, stomatitis, the tension, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal changes, allergies and even genetic predisposition can lead to the development of ulcers.

So the sores in our mouth aren't serious injurybut they are very annoying because they cause pain food, drink and even at the time of speaking. It is easy to recognize them by their shape and color, they usually start with a sense of burning or irritating, to then appear the red bulge and eventually become one painful wound open in our mouth.

In general, these ulcers heal themselves; however, it is important to speed up your process healing, to care for the type of food that we consume, because the citrus fruits and varieties usually aggravate them; use painkillers or anti-inflammatory subjects and especially to remain rigorous buco hygiene. There are a number of products that help fight ulcers and prevent their appearance, such as mouthwashes or some ointments for oral use.

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