Warning! White meat is harmful to the body


Apparently it is white meat is just as harmful for the organism cif it is red, this is what an investigation conducted by the Children's Hospital of the University of California, San Francisco Benioff, based in the city of Oakland, explained telemundo51.com.

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According to the study conducted by the scientist Ronald Krauss, MD, leader and director of Atherosclerosis Research at the Oakland Children's Hospital Research Institute, a high consumption of white meat also raise cholesterol in the blood.

Krauss explained that at the start of the study, they expected the results to show that red meat had a less favorable effect on blood cholesterol levels than white meat, but they were surprised that this was not the case.

The scientist and lead author of the research added that "their effects on cholesterol are identical when the levels of saturated fat are the same », telemundo51.com explained.

After learning the results of this study, scholars claimed that the best thing that people can do is limit consumption both red meat and white meat to lower levels of bad cholesterol in the body.

The research entitled «Animal and vegetable proteins and cardiovascular health»He concluded that consuming large amounts of saturated fats causes an increase in blood cholesterol, which would lead to cardiovascular disease.

The latest recommendation from scientists is to consume healthier products for the body such as vegetables, legumes, dairy, and beans, telemundo51.com said.

This study comes to light just when the United States government stopped its warning about the consumption of cholesterol foods because a group of nutrition advisers recommended it.

This decision was made by the Trump administration after 40 years of prevention of not consuming products that raise cholesterol levels in the body.

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