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Warning about the realization of & # 39; measles lots & # 39; in New York City

by religious reasons, or motivated by false scientific studiesSome parents believe that the best way to prevent their children from being vaccinated against measles is expose them to the disease at a young ageand so they ensure that they develop the immunity they need against the disease. And to get them infected, they take them with them & # 39; measles parties & # 39;.

This Tuesday, when the mayor announced the & # 39; health need & # 39; stated because of the outbreak of measles in the Big Apple, the authorities warned about the realization of these & # 39; lots & # 39; as well as about chickenpox infections, which practices that became popular in times prior to creating vaccines, because it was believed that both viruses are more dangerous in adults, because they cause greater complications, preferred by parents Deliberately infect your children when they are small to overcome the disease in its mildest form and then preserve immunity

And sometimes when it New York City tries to prevent an outbreak of measles, both the Commissioner for Health Oxiris Barbot, as deputy deputy mayor of Health and Human Services of the City, Herminia Palace, warned that this one & # 39; Parties are dangerous & # 39;.

Barbot said she was particularly concerned about the possibility that these & # 39; measles parties & # 39; are going on.

"They spread false and dangerous information based on false science"The doctor said, adding that" I understand that parents may be afraid that their children will be vaccinated, but the vaccine has proven safe and effective against measles since the 1960s. "

The measles vaccine was authorized in 1963, but today there are still parents who refuse to give them to their children, and deliberately expose them to the disease because they believe that vaccines can lead to the development of other diseases such as autism, or simply for religious reasons they do not consider them a accept form of prevention.

"It can be deadly"

the Dr. Palacio He also warned about the & # 39; parties & # 39; by saying explicitly: "Avoid this exercise."

"Exposing your unvaccinated child to measles It is very dangerous even it can be deadly& # 39; Said Palacio. "We urge everyone to avoid this exercise."

Like the Commissioner, the Deputy Mayor insisted that & # 39; the vaccine is safe & # 39 ;, adding that not only your child is protected but other people are protected.

The current measles outbreak is the largest in New York since 1991 and is currently concentrated in the Orthodox Jewish community, primarily in the vicinity of Williamsburg, in Brooklyn, where 285 cases have been registered.

According to the authorities, a Yeshiva school in that area, he had a child who was not vaccinated, who was reportedly infected during a trip to Israel, return to school in January and could make others sick 40 minors in that location.

"We only saw two things in New York City in 2017, so we have a very serious situation," said Mayor Bill De Blasio. "We cannot allow this dangerous disease to return to this city, we must stop it now."

the City health officials They blame the spread of the disease during a coordinated campaign to combat vaccination.

The outbreak is part of a broader revival at national level, with 465 cases reported in 19 states so far this year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.



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