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Wait first. Harmful and healthy habits before, after and during meals

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After lunch and especially dinner, you want to lie down fairly quickly, and & # 39; in the morning, you reach out for a cup of freshly brewed coffee – a sip or two, and do not want to eat until mid-afternoon. KMN explains how these and other habits that are traditionally considered harmful affect our health., gastroenterologist, The author of the book "The intestine with comfort, stomach without problems," Alexei Paramonov.

1. Can I go to bed immediately after eating or just take a horizontal position?

Alexey Paramonov: It is better not to do this, because when the stomach is full, its contents push the esophagus entrance and extend the esophageal sphincter. Provided that this process is "successful", the stomach contents, including acid and bile, end up in the esophagus and pharynx. Such penetration is called reflux.

If this situation repeats, this may occur gastroesophageal reflux disease, the manifestations of which are varied and unpleasant. Typical for them: heartburn, farmers, heavy feeling in the upper abdomen. Less well known but very frequent are chronic sore throat and the need to cough up mucus during reflux pharyngitis, chronic cough and hoarseness, bad breath and many other symptoms.

Frequent partner of reflux disease and the consequence of the habit of lying down with a full stomach – a hernia of the diaphragm opening of the diaphragm. This is a situation where a heavy, full stomach (in the lying position of a person) "does not fit" in the stomach and tries to push the esophagus out of the opening in the diaphragm that separates the breast from the abdominal cavity and instead coming.

Ideally, the last meal should be 3 hours before bedtime, it is acceptable for two hours. Your stomach must be free by the time you take a horizontal position.

2. How thorough is it necessary to chew on food?

If you read the old books, it says that you have to chew carefully to be able to digest from the first second. In fact, this is not even half a truth, but a much smaller percentage of it. Eating slowly is very important, but you don't have to make a cult out of this rule.

When a person eats quickly, "on the road", there is a good chance that he will unwittingly swallow a lot of air, causing the stomach to stretch and cause discomfort, not to mention that there will certainly be no pleasure in eating. This phenomenon is called aerophagia and often serves as a manifestation of neurotic disorders and the result of stress.

For whom it is very important to eat slowly and chew everything carefully – for people who have undergone "major" surgery to the abdominal organs, because large chunks can cause pain and even intestinal obstruction in intestinal winch fixation conditions.

3. Is it possible to drink food, and is it safe for our stomach to have the usual combination of "tea with cake"?

You can drink it, drink as much as you want. I have heard many theories that you cannot use before meals, after meals, during meals. They have one thing in common: they are not based on scientific evidence. Tea with cake is only dangerous in case of overweight and fluctuations in blood sugar. Problems are likely to occur with the combination of fat and cold. Imagine a situation: you eat a cake that is usually quite fat and you drink it with a cold drink.

As a result, the fat in the stomach is in a solid state of aggregation, digestion, until it melts, is impossible, it can cause various gastrointestinal problems.

4. How many times a day do I have to eat?

At least twice and preferably not before bedtime. Each person can choose an individual handy mode. The "eat five times a day" requirements are outdated. Although it is sometimes a way out for those who cannot or may not eat much at the same time, for example with reflux.

5. Can I skip breakfast?

Until recently it was thought that it was a bad habit. But studies have shown that people who don't force themselves to have breakfast have a better control weight. That is why the choice in this case is individual: the day can start with a late breakfast or lunch. For someone Early breakfast is necessary to maintain sufficient blood sugar and work capacity, but not everything.

6. What is dangerous, too hot and cold food?

Products with a temperature below 50 ° C must enter our mouth. Higher speed associated with esophageal cancer and burns. Cold food is generally safe. But if they are greasy, cold dishes, it is better to drink it with a hot drink to prevent spasms of the sphincter of Oddi (it regulates the flow of bile).

7. Is it believed that fruits induce fermentation in the stomach and slow the digestion process when they are best eaten?

If you are overweight, it is better to eat fruit before eating, they are low in calories and you will eat less other food. In a situation where there is no excess weight, you are free to make a choice. Fruit is a part of healthy food.

But it must be remembered that they contain sugar (important for diabetes) and can cause the same unpleasant effect as a cold drink in combination with a fatty product – after all, we eat fruit cold and are usually water.


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