Vicky McClure of Line of Duty leaves the audience in tears on the documentary "on the move" Our Dementia Choir


Our insane chorus with Vicky McClure

Curve Media / Pete DaddsBBC

Policy star Vicky McClure took a break from undoing popcorn bent tonight (May 2) while facing a new moving documentary called Our insane chorus for BBC One.

Vicky has a personal experience with dementia after helping her mother take care of her grandmother, who died of the disease in 2015, and this first part of the two-part documentary followed the actress while he tried to discover the power of music in fighting dementia by putting together a choir of musicians and singers composed of people with the disease.

Our insane chorus with Vicky McClure

Curve Media / Pete DaddsBBC

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"I learned with my grandmother, who had dementia, that when we sang we were all on the same page," Vicky told the choir on their first day together.

"For me those were the best days because we were all communicating at the same time and she was smiling, and that's all I want you guys to do fun."

In addition to singing, the choir will also be part of a three-year study of how much music affects people living with this condition, and during the episode, viewers were introduced to some of the participants.

Among these was the former music teacher Rae, who gave up playing the piano after getting his diagnosis 10 years ago, but found that he remembered exactly what to do when he sat down to play again .

"It was like a glorious awakening," he said. "I feel good after."

And the spectators were amazed watching Rae play the piano again:

At the end of the first episode of the documentary, viewers – including Davina McCall – were left stricken by the stories that were highlighted and moved by the impact that the music had on those who had been diagnosed with the disease:

But in the end it seemed that there were not enough words that viewers could use to praise the program:

And there were even more words of praise for Vicky McClure:

Our insane chorus with Vicky McClure continue on BBC One on Thursday 9 May at 20:00.

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