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Two compounds in coffee slow the growth of prostate cancer

Japanese experts have discovered that two substances in coffee can suppress the growth of prostate cancer. The results of their work, recently presented by scientists at the Congress of the European Association of Urology in Barcelona.

Researchers have currently tested the effect of the compounds in mice. However, this discovery can help explain the results of earlier observational work. The latter showed that men who drink coffee suffer less from dangerous dangers than others.

In recent years, a number of important studies have indeed been carried out that demonstrate the beneficial properties of coffee (at least the moderate use thereof). However, experts could not explain exactly how the components in the composition of the drink help the body.

For this reason, scientists from different countries focused on specific compounds in coffee to understand their effects on human health.

Caffeine is perhaps the most famous of them, and scientists have previously discovered that it helps protect against cardiovascular cell damage. Nevertheless, there are thousands of other compounds in one cup of coffee that may have equally important properties.

As part of a recent work, the specialists initially studied six promising anti-cancer agents found in coffee. They tested the effects of all candidates on prostate cancer cells and the two compounds showed particularly good results: they suppressed cell proliferation at low concentrations.

We are talking about caheveol acetate and cafestol.

The authors then tested their effect on mice in whose body the prostate cancer cells were implanted. Experts treated animals with one of the two compounds, or two at the same time. In addition, there was a control group of rodents that did not use "coffee" therapy.

"We found that cajweol acetate and kafestol suppress the growth of cancer cells in mice, and their combination appeared to work synergistically (ie, the interaction effect increased), resulting in significantly slower tumor growth than in untreated mice," explains the lead author. work by Hiroaki Iwamoto (Hiroaki Iwamoto) from the University of Kanazawa.

According to him, after 11 days, untreated tumors grew about three and a half times compared to the original size.

"And tumors from mice treated with two compounds in one go grew about one and a half times compared to the original size," the scientist adds.

Of course, the data obtained does not mean that a person suffering from cancer should definitely start drinking several cups of coffee a day as the main treatment. Researchers rightly point out that although the benefits of this drink are only proven on animals, it is therefore necessary to carry out similar tests on humans.

New work can help to develop an effective treatment for prostate cancer, since it is unlikely that consuming several cups of coffee per day will contribute to obtaining the required dose of the necessary compounds in the treatment of cancer patients.

"Coffee can have both positive and negative effects, for example, it can aggravate hypertension, so we need to learn more about the mechanisms [действия] of these compounds before we start thinking about clinical use, "Iwamoto adds.

If, the scientist continues, if they can confirm the results obtained, then doctors will be given alternative treatment options for drug-resistant cancer.

A scientific article about the results of the work is presented in the publication The Prostate.

By the way, earlier authors of the "Vesti. Science" project (nauka.vesti.ru) told about other beneficial and negative effects of coffee. So, just one cup of invigorating drinks per day helps to deal with forgetfulness. But at the same time, coffee changes the perception of taste and confuses the human biological clock.


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