The president of the Limerick metropolitan district asks for free flu shots for children

METROPOLITAN district leader James Collins has asked Health Minister Simon Harris to vaccinate against the flu without a green light for children.

He says this will reduce pressure on hospital emergency departments, with a demand that reached a record high last week.

The West Fianna Fail City Councilman, who will appear at the next general election, said today that Harris is “remaking” some of the 2016 Fine Gael election promises, giving an example of free general medical care for children. under 13 years old

It should focus on practical measures that can alleviate the tram crisis in Irish hospitals. Currently, Irish hospitals are experiencing the worst crisis in the history of the state, with 760 patients waiting in cars on Monday of last week. As expected, Limerick University Hospital is once again the most crowded hospital in the country: there were 92 people waiting in cars at UHL on Monday, and 28 of them were victims of the flu, “Cllr Collins said.

He took advantage of the fact that Harris blamed a more severe flu season for overcrowding, and added: “If the flu is really to blame, let’s do something practical to address it, following the example of Britain, where there is a flu shot available without charging children. “

“Doctors and nurses will tell you that the flu spreads more rapidly during the Christmas period as a result of socially reunited families, and children often transmit the flu to their grandparents during family visits. We encourage the elderly to get a flu shot, but we must do the same with the children. This does not have to be a huge burden for doctors who are already overworked: the vaccine could be given through schools in a similar way to the way the HPV vaccine is administered, “said the father of three The total number of people on streetcars in UHL during the past week, until Friday, was 322.

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