The man had his eyes closed after a rare virus left him burning inside out

Jonathan Laird was in the intensive care unit for 11 days after suffering a rare reaction to antidepressants (Image: Media Drum World)

Warning: distressing images

This man had such a severe reaction to his antidepressant medication that he had to close his eyes.

Jonathan Laird also had his hands tied and his body covered in pigskin while doctors fought a rare virus that left his burning inside out.

Jonathan, 38, was prescribed Lamotrigine, a branded version of the drug Lamictal, by his psychiatrist for depression in progress in early 2016.

One of the known side effects is the Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS) condition.

One month after taking Lamotrigina, Jonathan from Greenfield, Indiana, USA UU., He began to suffer conjunctivitis in both eyes and scaly skin on his chest.

He also noticed several sores on the lips and on the back of the throat.

Jonathan’s eyes had to be closed to avoid damaging his vision (Image: Media Drum World)

He remembered: ‘My eyes began to feel that they had small pieces of glass in them, it was very uncomfortable and I was afraid to touch or rub them because I literally felt like I was going to cut my eyes.

“I thought:” Is this Stevens Johnson syndrome? “”

Jonathan drove to the hospital where his worst fears were confirmed.

He immediately stopped taking the medication and was discharged from the hospital.

But in a matter of hours his symptoms had worsened. He had up to 50 sores inside his mouth and a rash appeared that spread across his chest and back.

He was admitted to the hospital and quickly transferred to the intensive care unit of the Haborview medical center.

Jonathan (pictured) was transferred to a burn unit after being treated in intensive care for Stevens Johnson syndrome (Image: Media Drum World)

Jonathan, an order entry specialist, said: ‘When you have Stevens Johnson Syndrome, you basically burn inside out.

Starts It starts as a rash and then the rash explodes in blisters.

St They sewed my eyes to protect my vision, they tied my hands so that I couldn’t tear out the tube that was in my throat.

‘I do not remember much. I fell in and out of consciousness.

‘I felt like I was dreaming all the time, I don’t think I really knew I had my eyes closed.

‘They also put pig skin on me to prevent infections.

“They were afraid that I would have pneumonia at some point, so they had to make sure everyone who came to see me was wearing gloves and gowns.”

Jonathan is now at home recovering from the effects of the rare Stevens Johnson syndrome (Image: Media Drum World)

Jonathan could not speak and had to communicate with his family by writing the answers to his questions.

He said that at one point he wrote “Am I going to die?”, Which was difficult for everyone to read.

After 11 days in the ICU, he was transferred to a burn unit and his eyes were removed after two weeks.

Jonathan was discharged from the hospital last summer and continues to recover while writing a blog about the condition.

He added that his hope was to show that those affected by Stevens Johnson Syndrome are not alone.

“Be brave and you will overcome this, and the person you are going to be on the other side of this is a much stronger person,” he said.

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