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The food lovers market in Soweto is still closed after the video of viral rats – The Citizen

The Food Lover & # 39; s Market store in Diepkloof, Soweto – where a live mouse was filmed inside a refrigerator, will remain closed until the city of Johannesburg's environmental health department fails to meet the standards cleaning required.

Councilor Mpho Phalatse said on Monday: "After the inspection last week, the outlet has been closed since Sunday and will remain closed on Monday to allow a thorough cleaning and fumigation process."

City health inspectors have stated that the outlet has been monitored since it was opened in 2013. Investigations and monitoring focused mainly on rodent infestations.

"Our environmental health inspectors in the region said they observed that the store did not comply with a number of food safety regulations and that corrective actions were recommended," Phalatse said.

The city was alerted of the anomaly last week when a mouse video in the fridge became viral on social media.

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Phalatse said that after the city became aware of the problem, he instructed the health inspectors to investigate the matter and give it a detailed report.

He said his department would not hesitate to close outlets if they put the lives of residents at risk.

Phalatse said that food security would not be compromised and all similar stores, regardless of their size, had to comply.

"I would really like to commend environmental health professionals who once again supported the city's service with the goal of pride and put the health of the residents first.Whoever manages a food outlet in the city of Johannesburg must respect the rules on food safety ", said Phalatse.

"This is not negotiable and we will continue to act without fear or favor against all those who transgress the regulation of the city until such transgressions are no longer a memory of the past".

– African Press Agency (ANA)

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