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The expert explained whether he is afraid of viruses for iOS

There are legends about the fact that there are no viruses under iOS. Allegedly, due to Apple's careful approach to ensuring the security of its operating system, Apple is almost completely protected against malicious programs such as worms and Trojan horses. But why, in this case, does the App Store literally fall apart from all sorts of antivirus programs, whose developers competed and promised to protect your data? It is time to find out and eventually put an end to this question.

To be more precise than information security researchers, no one will answer this question, Business Insider journalists decided and asked for comments on them.

Viruses for iOS

According to Amit Serper, head of research at Cybereason, the risk of an iOS device being infected with a virus is so small that it can be completely neglected. It is all about the security levels offered by the operating system itself that prevent spontaneous penetration of malicious software, called a virus, on a device. However, this does not mean that iOS users are not subject to threats.

In the world there are several (their exact number is unknown) programs with signs of viruses that penetrate victims' devices on someone else's instructions. There are not many, but they exist, and in most cases they are the product of the special services of different countries. "The fact that states are looking for ways to hack into mobile devices is not surprising. Think of the San Bernardino case when Apple refused to create a back door, causing a scandal," Rodgers said.

The chance of being infected by a government virus is extremely low, the researcher explained. As a rule, they are aimed at specific people who are recognized by the regime, such as traitors to their home country. Therefore, the risk of becoming infected with programs such as Pegasus, commissioned by the authorities of the countries in the Middle East, is practically nil. But this does not mean that you can relax.

Scam applications

Since Apple strongly discourages the ability to install software from external sources, attackers typically use the App Store to distribute fraudulent programs. Most of them are focused on withdrawing money somehow. For example, some subscribe to a weekly subscription for a user, whereby small amounts are deducted from his bank card, so that he does not suspect anything.

But sometimes more sophisticated scammers come across, whose applications offer to scan a finger, supposedly to search for archived data about the user and his relatives, and currently replace a transaction confirmation window for a certain amount.

Conclusion: are there viruses for iOS? Yes, they exist, but there are so few that you can forget them. It is much more important to follow if the applications that you consider legitimate steal money. View the list of subscriptions for this. This can be done in the App Store, in the personal profile section.

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