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The devastation of the Mozambique cyclone has become a "time bomb" of disease

Cyclone Idai is not going anywhere.

The storm has long since subsided in southeastern Africa, leaving at least 750 deaths from the cyclone and the floods that followed. But those waters created an outbreak of diseases, leaving unhygienic conditions and the beginning of epidemics of cholera, malaria and typhoid behind, Al Jazeera relationships.

Even before Idai fell in Beira, Mozambique, on March 15, heavy rains had already flooded much of the country and near Zimbabwe and Malawi. Winds up 109 miles now, and the destruction continued. Ten days later, the 530,000-person city of Beira is largely arid, but it is just beginning to re-establish basic communication services, relationships. The stagnant water remains in the remotest parts of the country, leading a head of the International Red Cross to say "we are sitting on a time bomb" when it comes to "waterborne diseases", for France24.

Malaria is already a big problem in Mozambique, and with the cities still flooded, its propagation is "inevitable", said the minister for the territory and the environment of Mozambique, Celso Correia. He also said "we will have cholera for sure" AP notes. Four people were recently diagnosed with typhoid fever in the central province of Manche, and more cases are expected Al Jazeera.

Some roads were pumped without water, leaving two field hospitals and water purification systems to move further towards Mozambique. Drones are also used to locate places that need help. A Correia has been asked about the concerns that humanitarian aid money could be lost in the ongoing corruption scandal in Mozambique, and said in a tense tone "we are doing everything we can to fight corruption" AP relationships. Kathryn Krawczyk


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