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The detection of a mating operation 500 thousand years ago prevented the extinction of people

Most people believe that Neanderthals are extinct and have no effect on our current lives, but this information is incorrect. Previous studies have shown that between 1.8 and 2.6 percent of the DNA of most people comes from the Neanderthals.

A new study also revealed how Neanderthals still have an impact on our lives, said the Big Think website. "It has succeeded in the genetic adaptation that saved mankind from deadly viruses and then from extinction."

The recent study showed that a sexual encounter between primitive man and Homo sapiens genetically connects all people, and states that people were on their way to leave Africa in the direction of Eurasia before they met Neanderthal.

"Sexual meetings that took place between 500,000 and 1 million years ago produced viable offspring and prevented the extinction of humanity," she said.

Neanderthals developed genes that were able to combat deadly diseases and viruses, so they were transferred to the sensible person during that sexual encounter.

"The wise man tried to mate to protect himself and survive," said co-author David Enard of the University of Arizona. "Of course it did not go well in the beginning when they first met."

A list of more than 4,500 modern human genes has been made to compare them with a database of Neanderthals.

Scientists have found an agreement in 152 genes between modern humans and nandertal. "It is these primordial genes that fight against some viruses, such as hepatitis, HIV and influenza, which have protected them thousands of years ago against extermination," said researchers.


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