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Even when we try and, against all odds, we manage to keep breakfast, healthy lunches and dinners, snacks are there to provide small bursts of fun food throughout the day. Mini indulgences to wait and maintain the flow of serotonin without giving away the farm. We love snacks. We need snacks. In fact, do you have any snacks now, and maybe I could have some?

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With so many popular forms of a low carb diet (keto, paleo, Atkins, etc.), food brands have been working hard to offer those fun-sized food indulgences with less carbohydrates than the classic bag of chips, crackers or crackers. With so many new keto snacks, some great and others decidedly not, and with more shelves every week, we tried a lot of these new low carb snacks.

Here are our favorites.


We’ve written about these roasted chicken flavors of flavors with full flavor before, and that’s because they are deliciously delicious. Be careful, these are not a low-calorie snack in any way, but if you are trying to trim carbohydrates and keep all the flavor, Flock is. Available online in original, salt and vinegar and barbecue. A package of eight will cost you $ 24 on the Flock website.

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The general editor of Chowhound, Joey Skladany, swears by these tasty sausages from Duke’s for a bold explosion of protein in a hurry. A perfect snack before training, available in original, green Hatch, andouille or spicy chili. Amazon brings the mini sausages at $ 9.50 per bag.


Sweetened with stevia, these sweet peach rings are a perfect low-glycemic film candy to replace your Sour Patch or Gummy Bears watermelons. Only five grams net per serving and without corn syrup. Get a 1.8 oz bag for less than $ 5.

High key

Cookies are one of the lowest carbohydrate snacks hardest to carry. A part of me means, if you’re going to have a cookie, well, then just have a cookie. But if it really is a keto version you want, my vote is for the High Key keto chocolate chip cookie. I would compare them with Famous Amos with a more buttery but not so crunchy taste. But with only one gram of net carbohydrates, they still taste better than Chips Ahoy. A package of three bags costs $ 14 on Amazon.


Light as a feather, quevos are chips made from egg whites and contain only three net carbohydrates per 1 ounce bag. Sour cream and onion is the best flavor we’ve had, but airy snacks also come in simple ranchers, salt and pepper, barbecue, cheddar cheese and quevos. A varied package of five bags costs $ 15 at Amazon.

Magic Spoon

This keto-friendly cereal takes us back to Sunday mornings full of cartoons, with fun flavors like Fruity (think Froot Loops), Cocoa, Blueberry and Frosted. With 12 grams of protein and only 3 grams of net carbohydrates per serving, Magic Spoon is an easy breakfast or a sweet snack without fault at night. Get a varied package of four flavors for $ 39.

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Moon cheese

I have often wondered what it would be like to directly bite a block of Parmesan. It probably wouldn’t work as well as I hope, but the next best option may be these keto-friendly moon cheese bites. The garlic and Parmesan flavor is supreme (in my opinion) and with only two net carbohydrates per bag they will definitely not burst your keto-mentum. Three bags will cost you $ 15 on Amazon.


Is a drink a snack? We may never know, but Bai’s line of low-calorie and low-carb fruit drinks has been growing year after year. There are some flavors, sweetened with the mixture of stevia and erythritol in Bai’s money, which I have come to love, but the teas, and especially the new (ish) Narino Peach Tea top my list. Perfect for those thirsty “mornings later” or when I just can’t lower another can of mineral water. Get 12 bottles for $ 24 at Amazon.

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