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by Anais Monk

April 3, 2019

Although the risks associated with smoking during pregnancy are relatively well known, most of them are still mentioned with regard to the expectant mother's consumption. However, the effects of smoking a father are just as important for fetal health, much to the regret of researchers who condemn the fact that it is still mentioned too often.

The use of tobacco from the expectant mother during pregnancy can have catastrophic consequences for the health of the unborn child, it is a fact. That of the father is almost never mentioned. Researchers from the Xiangya School of Public Health have decided to investigate this problem. The results of their study, published in theEuropean Journal of Preventive Cardiology, have something to surprise.

According to the latter, this passive smoking imposed on the feotus would lead to an increased risk of congenital malformations of the heart, "Future fathers must stop smoking. They are an important source of second-degree smoking for pregnant women, which appears to be just as harmful to unborn children as it is to smokers"says Dr. Jiabi Qin, lead author of the study, and add: "Smoking is teratogenic, which means that this habit can cause developmental malformations during pregnancy. The relationship between smoking by future parents and the risk of congenital heart disease is receiving increasing attention with the growing number of smokers of childbearing age".

A special point of concern for dr. Qin is the fact that the use of tobacco among expectant mothers has decreased considerably in recent decades as a result of prevention, but this is not the case for future fathers who are not yet aware of the consequences of their addiction to nicotine, "smoking in future fathers and exposure to passive smoking in pregnant women is more common than smoking in pregnant women"the scientist rightly remembers.

After examining 125 studies with more than 135,000 infants with congenital heart defects and 8.8 million future parents, the researchers discovered that the risk increased by 74% in the case of a future father who smokes. 124% in the case of a pregnant woman exposed to passive smoking during her pregnancy compared to an unexposed woman.
If the World Health Organization (WHO) believes that it is currently not possible to associate a specific cause of congenital heart disease in 50% of the cases, the latter acknowledges anyway when it is detectable, the most common causes are infections , the nutritional status of the mother or the environmental factors including drugs, alcohol and tobacco.

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by Anais Monk