Tfue's lawyer calls parties to the Clan FaZe lawsuit against Tfue "laughable"


The drama between FaZe Clan and Tfue will not disappear soon, but Tfue's lawyer claims that FaZe may have thrown the case against his client.

Very fast, let's recap the Tfue-FaZe drama. Probably everyone is aware of the story at this point, but a quick update. In April 2018, Tfue signed a three-year rookie agreement with the Clan FaZe.

Soon after, it began to explode in popularity and that autumn won Fall Skirmish along with Cloakzy to become the most successful Fortnite player for prize pools. Even at that time, although without our knowledge, FaZe states that they were trying to renegotiate an agreement with Tfue.

Reportedly, he rejected them again and again, and eventually filed a lawsuit against FaZe Clan in the spring of 2019, only a third of his contract.

It was then that everything broke out. FaZe Banks released a video called "Dear Tfue" which his lawyers probably hated and an angry tweetstorm.

So, just last month, FaZe sued Tfue. While the original lawsuit was filed in California, FaZe targeted Tfue in the New York courts. This is a summary of the situation, so here's the news:

Tfue's lawyer arrives after the FaZe lawsuit

In a new interview with the certain card times, Tfue's lawyer (Bryan Freedman) claims to celebrate when he has concluded the new lawsuit.

"After reading the complaint, I actually had to check the date on the calendar because I thought it was Christmas. I thought someone had given my client a gift. This complaint presented in New York is an absolute gift. "

Now of course Freedman is a lawyer representing Tfue and his position will clearly be distorted for this, but his reasons for celebrating this new cause seem to make sense.

For more citations of the lawyer and the context added around this new cause, watch the video of Score which divides everything: