Home Health Soon a vaccine against the flu through the skin?

Soon a vaccine against the flu through the skin?

French researchers from the National Institute of Health and Medical Research have investigated the effectiveness of dermal influenza vaccination. The results pave the way for new techniques to trigger a greater immune response.

Soon a vaccine against the flu through the skin?

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Flu is not an insignificant disease. Every year it kills people who are immune compromised, elderly or vulnerable. It is therefore recommended that some people be vaccinated. But if the vaccine actually prevents the disease and reduces the risk of complications, the effectiveness is not total. Researchers from the National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm), published a study on this topic in the journal JCI.

theefficacy of the vaccine is interrogated by thechanging appearance of influenza viruses. Every year a different strain takes place in the winter. But since it takes five to six months to develop the vaccine, researchers trust it a probability system. Result: the injection is not always sufficient target all influenza strains they circulate.

A better immune response

While vaccines are usually administered through muscle training, the Inserm team was interested in dermal injections. In a clinical study involving 60 people aged 18 to 45, scientists noticed a greater response to dermal than muscle vaccination.

"This result suggests that this injection route of the vaccine should be taken into account as far as it causes an additional immune response to those obtained as part of a standard vaccination. These reactions are said to be protective, particularly in the elderly after influenza vaccination", explains Béhazine Combadière, who led this work.

The team also conveyed new elements the prints left by these routes of injections into the body. Some biomarkers expressed the day after vaccination would predict the quality of the immune response three weeks later. "However, these latest results still require other studies to validate the interest of these biomarkers and their subsequent use, "the researchers conclude.

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