Smoking hookah can increase heart attack, the risk of stroke

New York, January 16 (SocialNews.XYZ) Researchers have discovered that tobacco smoke from a hookah causes blood to function abnormally and is more likely to clot and form blood clots quickly, which may increase the risk of heart attack or stroke.

The study, published in the journal Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology, found that tobacco smoke from a hookah caused the formation of blood clots in an average of approximately 11 seconds, compared with an average of five minutes for coagulation without exposure to hookah smoke.

Hookah smoke exposure also caused other abnormalities related to the way blood flows, the investigation added.

Some studies have found that the smoke emitted by an episode of smoking hookah tobacco contains significantly more harmful chemicals compared to a single cigarette.

“Our findings provide new evidence that hookah smoking is as unhealthy, if not more, than traditional cigarettes.” Smoking a hookah, cigarettes, electronic cigarettes or other forms of tobacco increase the risk of heart disease and strokes, “said the Fadi Khasawneh research study at the University of Texas in the United States.

In this study, researchers exposed mice to the hookah smoke of a smoking machine that mimicked real-life smoking habits.

The smoking machine used 12 grams of commercially available flavored tobacco that included tobacco, glycerin, molasses and natural flavor with nicotine and tar.

Then, the researchers compared platelet activity among exposed versus non-exposed mice.

The study simulated the type of nicotine exposure that occurs when smoking a hookah, which the researchers verified by measuring the levels of cotinine, the nicotine metabolite.

In May 2019, the American Heart Association published a Scientific Statement, “Smoking in a Water Pipe (Water Pipe) and Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases,” to analyze available research on the effects of smoking on health.

The statement said that smoking hookah causes the inhalation of significant levels of toxic chemicals such as carbon monoxide and tobacco particles that can damage blood vessels, the heart and lungs, as well as create a dependence on nicotine.

This study provides additional evidence that, contrary to popular belief, hookah smoking negatively affects cardiovascular health.

“Smoking hookah, which is becoming more popular in Western countries, is perceived as less harmful than cigarettes, but hookahs have a toxic profile that is considered comparable or even superior to that of traditional cigarettes,” Khasawneh added.

Source: IANS

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