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Signs of helminthiasis – worms cause bronchitis, inflammation of the lungs, cancer

According to scientists from the United States, about a quarter of the world's population is infected with worms. The infection pressure is especially high in poor countries where hygiene is poor. Experts insist that you have to get rid of worms, because according to recent studies, a parasitic infection can even cause cancer.

Previously, "FACTS" reported that in Ukraine, cases of infection of patients with rare worms live under the skin, the length of the parasites reached 17 centimeters.

The World Health Organization called the three types of parasites first-class carcinogens – these are trematodes, varieties of parasitic flatworms.

These helminths can live in the intestines, urinary tract and human bloodstream. The highest level of infection by trematodes in tropical Africa and Southeast Asia. Colon and liver cancer are often found here that are caused by parasites. Flatworms gnaw cavities in the human body and cause inflammation. With chronic inflammation, cells mutate, which ultimately leads to the development of cancer.

But other worms are no less dangerous. All can cause allergic reactions: urticaria, skin rash, edema.

The same American scientists believe that the behavior of a person infected with worms can change. He becomes more irritable, even aggressive.

Worms also cause disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, since most of the parasites develop and reproduce in the gut. More often someone is worried about constipation, but there are also diarrhea. Sometimes nausea and vomiting occur.

This is due to the fact that the waste products from worms are very toxic.

When they are infected with worms, many people have an increased appetite, especially they want candy (they are loved by parasites). There are worms that attach to the mucous membrane of the small intestine, preventing the body from getting nutrients from food. This is one of the reasons why a person experiences constant fatigue. Other parasites cause weakness, dizziness, joint pain and even weight loss.

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Some scientists think that worms often provoke the development of yeast fungus – candidiasis. They also lead to stomatitis (painful mouth sores), intestinal dysbiosis.

Besides, the cause of bronchitis and pneumonia can also be worms. Roundworms, for example, constantly travel around the body and often enter the lungs. In children, these parasites can cause the development of obstructive bronchitis and even asthma. Every worm infection also leads to a delay in the development of the child.

To detect parasites, you must provide an analysis of the stool. And it must be repeated several times. Some worms can be detected during an ultrasound, for example there are species that are encapsulated and live in the liver.

But immunologists say that not all humans develop and multiply the larvae of worms in the body. Many of them are in transit and do not cause any invasion. It all depends on how immunity works. Researchers at the University of Manchester found that the immune system is protected against parasites using T cells. But if the immune system is weakened, infection is inevitable. If you feel unwell, you should be examined and treated.

Signs of helminthiasis

  • Does not pass on the feeling of tiredness.

  • Digestive disturbances: disturbed abdomen, a lock or a diarrhea.

  • There was irritability, aggressiveness.

  • There are rashes on the skin, itching on the skin.

  • All the time I want to eat something sweet.

  • It's hard to sleep, often waking up at night.

As before & # 39; FACTS & # 39; reported, mosquitoes can infect people with the larva of a dangerous worm.

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