Record number of men killed by prostate cancer: the key signs your man should know: The Irish Sun


RECORD numbers of British men are being killed for prostate cancer.

More than 12,000 die each year because of the disease, the most common cancer in men.


As a record number of men are killed by prostate cancer, these are the key signs to know
    The prostate is a gland between the penis and the bladder, which only men have


The prostate is a gland between the penis and the bladder, which only men haveCredit: Alamy

But most cases are still being collected too late, which makes them harder to deal with, activists say.

Angela Culhane, executive director of Prostate Cancer UK, said: “We must absolutely guarantee that as many of these men as possible have their prostate cancer detected early and treated successfully.”

“The fact that deaths from the disease are still reaching record levels is a clear reminder of the work that remains to be done.”

More than 48,500 British men are affected by prostate cancer annually.

The disease killed 12,031 victims in 2017, almost a fifth of ten years earlier.

On the contrary, breast cancer deaths are decreasing. Only 47 percent of prostate cases are identified early, when tumors are easier to beat.

Ministers have promised to improve early detection to 75 percent by 2028.

Television host Bill Turnbull, a UK ambassador against prostate cancer, said: “There is still a lot to do.

“We must maintain the momentum until prostate cancer is no longer a danger to thousands of men every year.”

An NHS spokesman said: “The survival rate for prostate cancer is now at a record 86 percent, despite the fact that the NHS is concerned with the aging population.”

It occurs when a Spanish study suggested that more than 1,300 Britons get bladder cancer every year due to the chlorination of tap water, a Spanish study suggests.


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