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Photo & # 39; s: How to "read" your tongue – and what about your health?

Many people may not pay attention to their tongue, including differences in shape or color of the tongueBut scientists have emphasized that attention must be paid to such subtle details, which can reveal a lot about the health of the person.
The newspaper Daily Mail quoted the British doctor Aveni Holland as follows, Saying that a lot of information can be drawn from the size, texture, color and shape of the tongue.

She explained that there is a "contours of the sun", it is divided into parts that are connected to other members of the body, Makes it easier to detect disease symptoms.

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The color of the tongue
The Netherlands explained that the color of the natural tongue is pink or light red, covered by a white layer, indicating that it may be light purple in women during menstruation.

The color of the tongue can be "pale" if there is a shortage of vitamins or minerals in the body, which is common in those who suffer from anemia.

If the tongue turns red, this may indicate fever due to fever or body temperature associated with menopause.

Tongue shape
Many may not notice differences in the shape of the tongue, but the Netherlands emphasized that & bulging tongue. may indicate a lack of nutrients and fluids in the body, while the thin tongue refers to drought.

The layer that covers the tongue
If the tongue contains a thin white layer, it is considered healthy and natural, but if there is no layer, this may indicate dehydration.

The dry yellow tongue refers to "heat" in the body, and the more intense the color, the higher the temperature of the body, and this can mean the presence of inflammation in the body or the accumulation of bacteria or other imbalances.

If the tongue is gray or black, it means "stagnation" in the flow of energy, blood and fluid in the body.

The surface of the tongue
A tooth that contains protrusions or cracks can also reveal a range of potential health problems.

The protrusions are diagnosed on the tongue, depending on where they are and how they look, for example, a lump on the front of the tongue may be a sign of a bacterial or viral infection or even a possible allergic reaction to medications.

Deep tears in the middle indicate that the patient is susceptible to digestive problems, while sores can indicate a defect in the body.

The tongue is known as "the geographical language", Which forms a white layer on its surface," stains ", it can mean the presence of heat in the stomach, which may appear in the form of GERD.

The tongue, which contains protrusions at the end, also indicates fluid retention in the body.


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