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Obesity figures now highest 35 percent in 7 states

Americans continue to fatten, with obesity topping 35 percent in seven states, a new report reveals.

That was raised two years ago from five states. In addition, no state had a remarkable improvement in its obesity rate compared to the previous year, according to the report by Trust for America & # 39; s Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, both non-profit health organizations.

"obesity is a complex and often stubborn problem, and America's obesity epidemic continues to have serious health and cost implications for individuals, their families and our nation, "said John Auerbach, president of Trust for America's Health.

"The good news is that there are growing indications that certain prevention programs can reverse these tendencies, but we will not see significant declines in status and national obesity rates until they are implemented across the country and receive sustainable support", said Auerbach in a press release from his organization.

States with obesity rates of 35 percent or more are now including Iowa and Oklahoma. The others are Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and West Virginia.

The findings are based on data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2017. They represent a disturbing trend, given that in 2012 no state had an overweight of 35 percent or more.

Now, in every state, at least 1 in 5 adults is obese, according to the State of Obesity report.

The economic toll of obesity is enormous, according to the authors. An estimated $ 149 billion is spent annually on directly related healthcare expenditures. Lower economic productivity costs another $ 66 billion per year.

John Wiesman, Secretary of State for Health in Washington, said: "Obesity is a big challenge in almost every state, and our role as public health leaders is to make sure we do everything we can to tackle it."

The impact of obesity is most severe in communities where access to healthy food and regular physical exercise is limited. These are mostly lower incomes and rural areas, including many color communities, according to the report.

West Virginia is at the top of the obesity wall of shame. More than 38 percent of adults there have one Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or more. Colorado has the lowest adulthood of obesity in the nation, at just 22.6 percent.

Overall, 22 states had adult obesity between 30 and 35 percent, while obesity was a health risk for at least a quarter of adult population in 19 states, the report said.

US National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey data indicate that white obesity rates hover around 38 percent, compared with about 47 percent among blacks and Hispanics.

The report contains recommendations for policy makers, the restaurant and food industry and the government's health care system.

Among them: States must make physical education or activity mandatory for at least 60 minutes during each school day. Medicare should promote and cover obesity counseling. Hospitals must also stop selling or serving sugary drinks.

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