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Mother with two sick children with whooping cough sends a hard message to parents' anti-vaccines

Through her social networks a mother wanted to send a message to people who do not believe that vaccines benefit the health of children, because their two little ones became ill of whooping cough and their lives have become a hell of a condition.

"Best anti-vaccines: come and if they see reality, look my children in the eye and talk again about vaccination and alleged conspiracies of medicines," he wrote in a series of tweets about the state of his 4-year-old son and his baby from 4 months.

Monterrat Pulidoas shown by the profile of his account, he said that his eldest son has an immune system that works under normal conditions, which facilitates the infection of the airways.

Because it was a very contagious bacterial disease, your baby was not sparing to take it. Because she got a vaccine during her pregnancy, the symptoms were not as hard as in the case of her older son.

"In his case, we have been spared from allowing him because I was vaccinated when I was pregnant, who knows if it has saved his life," wrote Pulido.

According to the Medline Plus site, the symptoms of the infection usually last about six weeks, but this can take 10 weeks. In the case of the 4-year-old boy, his mother warned that the disease will last for two or three months despite the treatment.

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"Endless nights in which it is impossible for him to sleep, days without going to school, running too fast or laughing to avoid coughing … Days look at him with a magnifying glass while he is eating, because the cough makes him suffocate," said the concerned mother.

Children are not the only ones who have contracted the disease because several adults have also contracted the infection, but the symptoms were insignificant because they were vaccinated.

"Actually, we have infected several at home, but we are vaccinated and it is easy to bear in us, but they do not know how helpless it is to see your children suffer because of the irresponsibility of others." Vaccines work, save lives and give quality of life! "he said.

Whooping cough is a disease that causes a violent and uncontrollable cough and which can often be distinguished by a deep, spasmodic sound at the time of inhalation. It spreads easily through the airways, through saliva and through direct contact with the skin.

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