Moment man fighting for his life after being killed by the deadly flu in Thailand takes the first steps


This is the time when a former student at the University of Manchester took his first steps in the hospital since he was attacked by a deadly influenza virus while traveling in Thailand.

Ashley Shorley of Thornton, Lancashire, was traveling on the Phi Phi Islands when she contracted the flu on December 27.

He has been recovering in the hospital since then and underwent a five-hour emergency operation on his lungs to save his life.

There were concerns that Ashley contracted the Chinese coronavirus, which has so far contributed to nine deaths, but doctors confirmed that she was suffering from a severe strain of the virus known as influenza A.

Ashley required a ventilator to help her breathe, but she was transferred from the intensive care unit at Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok earlier this week.

The parents of the 32-year-old have shared a video of him taking his first steps in the hospital, but said it was a struggle because he lost a lot of weight.

Ashley Shorley, on the left, with her father Christopher, is recovering in a hospital in Thailand
(Image: Christopher Shorley)

Christopher Shorley, Ashley’s father, said he has even been able to make a joke about the defeat of Manchester United against Liverpool.

He said: “Ashley has been moved to a recovery room now outside the ICU.

“He still has some infection and pus in his lungs due to instep, with oxygen, but doctors forced him to walk even though he lost a lot of weight.”

“It looks like a skeleton in the video, it will take months to recover properly and your lungs will never be the same.”

“The operation constantly hurts, but this is reinforced by the loss of Manchester United against Liverpool,” he says.

Ashley Shorley during the happiest vacation moments in Thailand
(Image: Christopher Shorley)

Christopher and Ashley’s mother, Julie, canceled her vacation in Spain and ran to Thailand after receiving a photograph that showed her lips turned gray.

He was initially treated at a hospital in Phuket, but was later transferred to a specialized hospital in Bangkok.

The doctors there described Ashley’s condition as “touching and exiting” and underwent a five-hour operation to remove the pus and abscesses from her lungs last Saturday.

Doctors said it was “play and go” for Ashley
(Image: Christopher Shorley)

Ashley, who has starred in an extra on Coronation Street and Hollyoaks, is now beginning to recover, but her parents Christopher and Julie Shorley have said she could be in Thailand for a year until she regains her health.

Christopher told M.E.N earlier this week: “It has been horrible.

“Nobody wants to see their son connected to so many machines.”

“When it happened, Julie had been receiving text messages from him for a couple of days.

Ashley Shorley, 32, while in hospital in Thailand
(Image: Christopher Shorley)

“I was worried about the attention. He said ‘I don’t know what’s happening, I’m getting worse and worse.’ He sent a photo and his lips were gray.

“She got there and called me crying. They just pointed to a room, had drops and drains coming out of it.

“He said ‘mom, I’m dying here.’ He called me hysterical.”

Family friends have created a crowdfunding page to cover Ashley’s medical costs and help cover her parents’ costs while watching over her bed in Thailand.

To make a donation, visit

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