Home Health Michel Cymes tells you everything about this highly contagious disease

Michel Cymes tells you everything about this highly contagious disease

This Monday morning, focus on a forgotten disease: scabies, which by the way is also a sexually transmitted infection.

If we regularly hear about scabies, but as a disease that we do not have to report, which explains the difficulties in compiling statistics, then it is unavoidable that this disease has not disappeared. And as she is particularly contagiousit is important to map who she is, her symptoms, how she travels and what to do in case of infection.

Scabies is mainly a skin condition because of a mite that has the complicated name of Sarcoptes Scabiei Hominis. This parasite has the ability to sneak under the skin. He digs galleries, such as moles in the fields. It goes on like this under your skin and that's why it scratches. In general, it is the night that the itch is the most intense, to the point that you cannot sleep.

All this ends with giving Injury who more willingly settle between the fingers, the side of the wrists and wherever the body wrinkles. Sometimes the back is also affected. The neck, face and scalp, on the other hand, generally do well and escape from lesions.

Hygiene and the social environment are not up for discussion

Contrary to the preconceived ideas, it is not because we have scabs that we have a problem with hygiene, it would be wrong to believe it. Like it is wrong that it influences some social backgrounds instead of others. What is known is that an epidemic will take place more easily in a place where a large number of people live together in a small space. Proximity is therefore a risk factor. This is why scabies are more easily transferred between members of the same family or between sexual partners.

Promiscuity is an aggravating factor at all ages

Since age is not a contamination criterion, it has been observed that children and seniors were more concerned than adults of the older age. But it has nothing to do with being young or old. This has to do with the fact that they live in a form of promiscuity, either at school, at a daycare center or, for some seniors, in a retirement home.

A treatment in tablets and in the form of creams

The necessary treatment is known and accessible, in the form of tablets or in the form of creams. Whether you work or go to school, you have the right and even the duty to stay at home for three days. The itch, they last longer. They last for a few weeks. This does not mean that the treatment does not work. If they occur, it's simple because your skin is full of dead parasites.

From dog to man, a one-way transmission

Bad news for pet owners, Affected dogs can infect their masters. The good news is that if Medor spreads scabies, you will not be contagious: you will not be able to transmit the disease to the people around you. The parasite of the dog is indeed different from that of the man, who leads to what is called a parasitic impasse.

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