Medications do not contain harmless additives


Nine out of ten medicines contain excipients that, according to a study, can cause allergies or intestinal disorders. Lactose, peanut, colorants: are these substances really dangerous and can they be easily replaced?

" The majority of drugs contain inactive ingredients that can cause side effects and affect the safety and tolerability of these drugs "Here is the undeniable finding of MIT researchers and the Harvard Medical SchooBoston in their study published March 13 in the journal Science Translational medicine.

Up to 35 excipients in one tablet

Researchers analyzed 42,052 medicines from the American Library of Medicine (NLM) and discovered that 92.8% of the medicines contain at least one inactive substance that can lead to an allergic reaction. In total excipients accounts for 71% of the weight of a tablet, compared to only 29% for Active Pharmaceutical
There are some active ingredients in some … "data-image =" " data-url = "/ health / definitions / medicine-active-principle-15081 /" data-more = "Read more">active ingredient self. On average, a drug contains more than eight different excipients, but the authors have counted up to 35 different formulations.

Do allergic people have to stop treatment?

For example, 45% of the medicines contain Lactose Structure
Lactose is a diholoside, that is, a complex sugar consisting of the combination of two simple sugars, glucose and galactose, linked by a certain binding of osidic acid (hence the name … "-image =" https: // www. "data-url =" / health / definitions / biology-lactose-8703 / "data -more = "Read more">lactose, a carbohydrate, simple sugars, complex sugars, … "data-image =" -roux.jpg "data-url =" / health / definitions / nutrition-sugar-16105 / "data-more =" Read more ">sugar probably Causes of … "data-image =" "data- url = "/ health / definitions / medicine-allergy-2956 /" data-more = "Read more">allergies in sensitive people; 55% contains an oligosaccharide sugar and is also distinguished by the number of carbon atoms in their chemical structure, such as trios, pentoses and hexoses. The … "data-image =" 3.jpg "data-url =" / health / definitions / biology-monosaccharide-786 / "data-more =" Read more ">monosaccharide or polyol, which can cause intestinal disorders. Some dyes, such as tartrazine, are likely to get worse asthma attacks.

" If these substances are generally too small to cause an effect, very sensitive patients can be affected , Says Daniel Reker, a co-author, on the site turning back. " The problem for these patients is that they have to make a choice between their allergy and the disease for which they are being treated "And there is not always an alternative: 100% of the treatments for the biosynthesis of progesterone
Progesterone is a sex hormone, similar to estrogen, synthesized by the corpus luteum of the ovaries or in the placenta, from pregnenolone, … "data-image =" https: //fr.cdn.v5.futura- buildsv6 / images / midioriginal / 3/7/5 / 3757de0905_50034450_progesterone-wiki-dp.jpg "data-more =" / health / definitions / medecine-progesterone-2820 / "data-more =" Read more ">progesterone so contain peanuts, the researcher notes.

A "false alarm" study

For François Chast, honorary president of the National Academy of Pharmacy, this type of alarmist studies is simply not logical. " It takes 10 to 15 grams of lactose to cause a lactose allergy. However, a drug will contain a maximum of 300 mg "The specialist says. Tartrazine?" It is much more dangerous for an asthma to walk in the forest where there are many pollen then to absorb a pill that contains several milligrams of tartrazine "The practitioner laughs. The latter agrees with the authors of the study on one point: the need to clean up the drug formulas." It is quite possible to reduce preservatives or colorants in many specialties », François Chast insures.

Excipients: useful or not?

Usually these fabrics are used for marketing purposes to give a nice color sometimes … "data-image =" midioriginal / 7/9 / 5 / 7951943cc1_85596_couleur.jpg "data-url =" / sciences / definitions / physics-color-4126 / "data-more =" Read more ">colour or a glossy tablet coating. But it is not always easy: in 2017, the Merck laboratory thought it would be good to replace lactose with Levothyrox by mannitol, an excipient with no known effect. The result: an exclamation of patients who complain about side effects with the new formula. In Europe, regulations require manufacturers to declare excipients with a known effect on the packaging and in the package leaflet. They are 47 in France, including the structure of aspartame
Aspartame is the binding of two natural amino acids, aspartic acid and phenylalanine. Phenylalanine is esterified with methyl, which gives aspartame the other name of … "data-image =" / a / 1 / 3a19b886ed_50036588_aspartame.jpg "data-url =" / health / definitions / biology-aspartame-9166 / "data-more =" Read more ">aspartame, the structure of glucose
Of the chemical formula C6 H12 O6 is glucose in cyclic form (pyranose). It has isomers, that is, molecules with the same chemical formula (this is the case … "data-image =" / buildsv6 / images / midioriginal / 6 / 8 / b / 68bd6b2dfc_50034235_glucose-dp.jpg "data-url =" / health / definitions / biology-glucose-736 / "data-more =" Read more ">glucose, thestarch from Wheat History, this plant of the genus Triticum
Historically, in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, the word bleeding refers to annual crops. In the eighteenth century, the term "wheat" … "data-image =" . jpg "data-url =" / planet / definitions / botanical-ble-16233 / "data-more =" Read more ">wheat or sesame oil.

These excipients are mentioned for information because there is no testallergology is carried out by the National Agency for Drug Safety (ANSM) that publishes this list. One or two cases of adverse effect are sufficient to call an excipient. Also included in the package leaflet are all other excipients with no known effect, such as stearate
Symbol: Mg Key number: 12 Energy level electrons: 2, 8, 2Mass atom … "data-image =" / 8 / 3 / 3830398672_117968_magnesium.jpg "data-url =" / sciences / definitions / chemistry-magnesium-775 / "data-more =" Read more ">magnesium or gelatin.

What to remember

  • Of the 10 medicines, 9 contain additives that can cause allergies or bowel disorders.
    These non-active substances represent 71% of the weight of a medicine.
    However, the amounts in a tablet are insufficient to pose a real problem.

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