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Kerala Bride Body-Shamed After Her Wedding Photo has become viral on WhatsApp, 5 kept by the police

Wedding photos are often objects of great joy and affection as references to the special day and also to the promise of a permanent bond. However, the wedding photo of a Kerala couple has recently turned into a nightmare for them after the trolls have found it and started spreading sexist and moody voices for the couple on social media.

Twenty-nine Anoop P Sebastian and 27-year-old Juby Joseph tied the knot on February 4 in an opening ceremony with friends and family in Kannur. A photo of them as a married couple was published in the marriage section of a local newspaper. Harassment began shortly thereafter.

According to an article in The News Minute, the couple's photo was taken from the newspaper's advertisement and spilled on social media with vile and sexist messages that aimed to spread lies about the couple.
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Soon, WhatsApp messages became viral and the couple and their families began receiving violent messages and phone calls. But what was the content of the forward?
The message along with the photo said that the woman in the picture was 48 years old while the man was 25 years old. "The age of the woman 48 … The age of the man 25 … The assets of the woman is worth 25 rupees … Dowry 101 sovereign Rs 50 lakh … The rest I will follow … A marriage that happened in our Cherupuzha. "

Since the message became viral, Juby and his family were inundated with disturbing messages from strangers on social media, most of them fat they were ashamed of sexual nuances. So much so that the couple was forced to file a complaint with the police.

According to a report by the Times of India, the police noted that the case was one of shame of the body with the intention of damaging a woman's modesty. Since then, five people have been held in response to the complaint. The family of Anoop and Juby denied having met the five defendants and were not sure why they would spread such rumors against the couple.

Many on social media also noted that the messages aimed to silence the bride's body through sexist comments about her age and assets.


This is not the first time that a physical discomfort incident on social media has become viral from Kerala. In October of last year, Sujith Bhakthan, a travel and food vlogger, pushed heavily on social media trolls for hurting her wife who often appears in her videos.

Body shaming also became a political problem last year when former Rajasthan minister Vasundhara Raje filed a complaint with the Electoral Commission, accusing Janata Dal's leader, Sharad Yadav, of shameful during an election rally in Alwar. The videos of the same have become viral on social media.

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